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They have seen Your procession, O God, The procession of my God, my King, into the sanctuary. Psalm 68:24

King and psalmist David was used to explain the importance of being in the sanctuary of the Lord. We must give full attention to these words of the Holy Spirit, for God would not speak to us without a special purpose. Grab all that the Most High makes you understand in the Word. No doubt this will help you in times of trouble and temptation. He is our Refuge, Relief and our Fortress.

In God’s temple, the people of Israel saw the divine ways and were assured of victory in their struggles. The revelation of the Word is the food for our spirit, making it the strong part of our being. Our thoughts or the threats we feel are worthless, because the voice of the Lord, heard by the Word, enables us to believe in Christ and enforce our rights.

That small people with few resources, but determined to live in holiness, without seeking other “gods” and conquering what they had been promised with divine help, left us a great inheritance. In the spirit world we can do, with reverberation in our daily lives, what is necessary, provided that God’s wonderful ways are shown to us. He will do it!

It does not matter whether the earthly sanctuary is poor or rich; if it was made by experts in the beautification arts, or if it is rustic. What really matters is whether God the Lord is in Him. Now every building we build is simply a place of worship, but in the heavenly, we come in as God’s house and pour out our souls. Upon receiving the answer from the Most High, we left with our heads held high. The glory is His!

Seeing God’s ways and accepting them in a split second will give us the strength of God to enable us to fight against darkness. The Almighty will strengthen those who seek Him in His sanctuary, the entrance of which is open to every person who wishes to overcome and to give praise to Him who has indeed helped them. God acts by the faith we receive from His hands as we stand in His presence.

When the Lord is your God, you will enter His house knowing that you will come out with the power to succeed in your claims. Try to be in communion with Him, and not just be a listener of what is good. But whoever listens and does not practice is like the person who deceives himself with false discourses. The Word will never be false, but operative and strong for those who believe in the directions of the Most High.

No one overcomes by chance, but because he has seen God’s ways in His temple. Jesus said He was doing what He saw the Father do. Likewise, we can also do what the Lord shows us. In revealing some blessing, the Lord does it to those who believe. Be wise!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O God! We want to enter your domain at the right time and stay until you show us your directions. Then we will leave this place with the certainty that our problems have a solution. You are fantastic!

Wherever you are, we can behold Your beauty, know Your way of doing the work, and receive guidance so that we will never stumble. Before You, any difficulty will be solved by Your power.

Help us, because we do not want to lose Your lessons or to leave Your loving, eternal and powerful arms. You are our God and true King, so nothing bad will touch us or hinder our success in You. Hallelujah! Amen!


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