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The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray. Proverbs 12:26

The righteous mentioned in this verse refer to the only One who truly can receive that title. Righteous in His essence and nature is the Lord Jesus. From His mouth, nothing has ever come out that couldn’t be heard by all. Every word He said is an encouragement to those who were led by uncertainties of tomorrow, and who strive to achieve more at any cost.

The Scriptures say: “There is none righteous, no, not one;” (Romans 3:10). That’s why we must believe in the Word and witness the power of God confirming what was said. Among those who are in the flesh, it is impossible to happen, but since He came to give us life, and life in abundance (John 10:10b), we can rest assured that He won’t fail His mission. If Jesus’ declarations failed, this wouldn’t be true. However, Christ honored the Most High!

Now, the Father, His Word (which is Jesus) and the Holy Spirit are each one in three distinct people, just like the story of the Savior’s baptism in the Jordan river tells us (Matthew 3:16,17). They operate in full unity. The Word became flesh, being born of a virgin, and lived among us, according to the prophecy of Isaiah. Jesus is the righteous one, our perfect guide and partner. Whoever believes in Him won’t be confused.

It is impossible to believe in this guide and see things go wrong. Christ leads us to walk with God and participate in divine operations. When someone walks away from Scriptures, they are separated from God. However, when they are back to obeying Him, life finds a series of victories. The Lord will always fulfill what He has promised to His people. Therefore, have an unshakable faith and take possession of all He says to you.

The true righteous one, Jesus, is the only one who’s capable of ending the problems that bother you and make you upset or conformed with the devil’s schemes. The enemy has been a liar since the beginning, but God hasn’t ever lied. Who will you believe in? The path of the wicked is illusion, that’s why they sin constantly. No one who believes in the Lord has ever been confused.

Those who trust in people stumble and fall, because they don’t give credit to the Lord. The difference between the wicked and those who are faithful to God is that the latter receive blessings for believing in Scriptures, and the first don’t. Well, it is not about one offering more than the other. The devil has nothing to offer, and if you allow it, he will take all you have. Don’t believe in the liar. Believe in the One who has never deceived or failed.

The wicked must understand that their problem is not giving credit to God, the attention He deserves. From one moment to the other, the Lord can make someone living in sin an overcomer. But the enemy has been defeated forever, and those who place their trust in him will be desperate when Jesus returns. Examine yourself and believe!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God! It is great to hear that Jesus, the righteous One, loves us and wants our good. That’s why He is our true guide. Why should we live in uncertainty if we have You as our Lord, who fulfills every promise? We are thankful for everything!

If we are guided by Jesus, we will never lose a battle. Everything you say and do is for our own benefit. You guide us perfectly, so we won’t stumble in obstacles. We are thankful for your direction.

We will never follow the way of the wicked, but Yours. Living by Your side, no problem will affect us during our journey on earth. We know what way to follow so we can spend eternity with You! You are infallible!


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