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But like men they transgressed the covenant; There they dealt treacherously with Me. Hosea 6:7

According to the word of the prophet Hosea, the Israelites, both in the northern and southern kingdom, broke the covenant that had been made with them, in which the Most High gave them guarantees of protection and, in turn, they would revere and serve Him as God. Now, to break, in this case, is to break the contract and give up the right or the domain of some property to another, as is done when the lease or commercial lease agreement is passed, for example.

Adam did this by doubting the Creator and eating the forbidden fruit. After that terrible act, the devil took possession of the authority granted to man by the Lord and, with that, we started to be oppressed by Satan. Adam’s sin was so serious that there was a need for the Lord to send His only begotten Son to take form of a human and die on the cross for us. From then on, those who convert will be part of eternity with Christ.

When there were the northern and southern kingdoms, the Israelites were under the Old Covenant. Jesus’ death and resurrection brought forgiveness of sins to humanity, undoing Adam’s error, and inaugurated the New Covenant. Those who accept the offer of salvation made by shedding the blood of the Savior reach a very different level.

Failing to receive Jesus into your life prevents anyone from becoming a daughter of God. Therefore, it remains under the rule of the devil, and when Jesus comes to take us to Heaven, the lost, even if they have done good things for the suffering, will not go up with the Lord and go to perdition. Without being born again, no one will enter Heaven.

The saved those who break the New Covenant will not inherit the Kingdom of God. This Covenant is of holiness, so the groups mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6.10 and others listed in various passages will not be accepted by the Most High. Whoever deludes himself with the immoral idea that everything is allowed will not be admitted to the Home reserved for the faithful servants of the Lord.

Whoever knows the Truth, but sins, is equal to Adam, who, treacherously, accepted the lie of the evil one. Be sober, wise and God-fearing; thus, you will not be disqualified for eternal life. See the lists in Revelation 21.8 and 22.15, in which it is very clear that dogs and others will taste the second death, the separation from eternal life and, consequently, from God. Is it worth insisting on error or being holy?

The Israelites of the North who disappeared among humanity, of whom no one has heard more, and those of the South, taken to Babylon, to spend 70 years in captivity, are examples of what will happen to the saved people who are oblivious to the fulfillment of the Word. of the Lord. There is a Heaven to live in! You believe?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! The Covenant made by You with the blood of Jesus is eternal. This guarantee is very good for us, because we know that the promises and declarations you made in our favor will never be canceled. Thanks for that, Father!

Adam shouldn't have disobeyed You. In the same way, we cannot despise what you have said about us, but remain firm in your faith in You, submitting our desires to Your will. We will be satisfied with Your best.

We don't want to behave in a false way, letting lust, lust and debauchery get us out of Your plan. Now, born again, we are grateful to You for Your work in our lives.


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