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02/01/2019 - OUR GOD IS TO BE FEARED

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You, Yourself, are to be feared; And who may stand in Your presence When once You are angry? Psalm 76:7

We still do not know the full potential of our God.  Even if we delve deeper into what we have seen and heard, we know little about our Creator.  He is to be feared, powerful to do anything and also very loving beyond what any man can imagine.  He surprises all with His fetes and works.  Asaph, when he spoke of the greatness of the Lord said that He was to be feared – Almighty.  Halleluiah!

Scientists declare that in the galaxy where our Earth is situated, there are billions of celestial bodies, and in the Universe that are other billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each one.  All work of the hand of our Father!  The largest planet of our Solar System is Jupiter, 1.400 times larger than Earth.  What do you imagine would happen if they were to collide?  What would happen to us? Comparing our Earth to a golf ball approximately 5 cm. in diameter, Jupiter would have 70 meters in circumference. Our poor planet!

God is powerful to work marvels and wonders! He cures diseases from the most simple to the gravest.  Therefore, never consider abandoning Him who made the world from nothing and empowered His children to carry out His work. Christians must consecrate themselves and dedicate their lives to the Lord, learn His Word and live in holiness.  Please Him!

Today we must make the Omnipresent completely “irate’ in order to work in our favor.  What will happen when we preach the Gospel of Jesus? We will see the great works of the Omnipotent, as they are told in the Bible.  We know what Jesus did and ordered us to do as He said: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father (John 14:12). We must seek the power to bring happiness to the King of kings!

The heavenly father wants to see our dedication and loyalty as we fulfill His will and lead humanity to believe in the same faith that was taught by Jesus when He came from Heaven.  We must not allow the devil to oppress anyone, if we have the authority to undo his works and work deliverance of Christ to those who need it. Carry out the mission as if everyone depended on you, which is true. Look neither to the left nor to the right.  Fulfill your calling!

We must make the Lord irate against the works of the evil one all the time.  We have to use the same power there was in the Redeemer, for we are ambassadors of His Kingdom, but we have not done so.  We must always seek the presence of Christ.  The absence of anointment demonstrates that we have not been living as we should.  The Father’s work needs His direction to be fulfilled according to His desire!

How about starting now to truly serve the Lord and live as He wills?  No doubt, He will give us the power to do what is necessary.  The work that pleases the Most High must be carried out on Earth but if we stumble on our sins or in Satan’s proposals, we will miss the target. God allows temptations to try us so that we show who it is that we truly serve.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God who is to be feared in our behalf! We would like to contemplate Your anger every day against those evils that attack us, to destroy them completely.  Help us to see You operating in our favor. 

We know that we can only do something when You direct us and strengthen us.  We are nothing without You.  For this reason we must always be ready to hear You, in order for us to go out in the field and battle under the Rescuer. 

You are to be feared, for You work miracles for the thousands who plea to You for rescue and help.  Allow us to see Your glory as Jesus saw it in His days.  Lead us in the holy Way and wake us up so that we leave the seat of failure.  Amen!


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