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01/12/2019 - OUR PICTURE

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But we are all like an unclean thing, And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags; We all fade as a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, Have taken us away. Isaiah 64:6

If it depended on what we are, we would not be saved. Mercy causes us to be loved by God and invited to belong to His family. That is why we are not destroyed. The best thing is to listen to Him, for we have a chance in Jesus to get out of the realm of evil and be citizens of the wonderful and eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Halleluiah!

The statement that we were unworthy before redemption is true. But after we are set free, we become the Father´s living hope. Therefore, we must move in gratitude as we learn how lost humanity was. Adam’s sin disrupted the Lord’s purpose to be His companions and turned us into what the Father had not planned. Be careful!

After the fall of man, the Most High´s original project was frustrated. However, since God is love, He soon devised a strategy for our recovery so that we would be reconciled to Him and become His children. This took thousands of years. The mistake would have to be paid; otherwise it would not be the plan of One who is complete and perfect. Until the time came for all things to be restored, every millimeter of the great work had to be executed.

Even today, the life restoring plan follows the divine guidance step by step. Thus man can be saved, and the devil loses the right over him. When we are unfaithful, we harm the Master’s work and we also hurt ourselves. Man does not understand that his righteousness is like filthy rags. Mercy!

Why are some people arrogant and despise their neighbor? We are evil to ourselves and to the Father, who in one – Adam – made all human race. Why struggle to accumulate more if, in death, what we have accumulated here will stay? We need to use our resources to save the lost. Thus, God´s love delivers us from destruction!

No one can defeat demons without heavenly help. The truth is that without God we are nothing (John 15: 5). So surrender to the only One and Invincible, whose power is capable of throwing all rebels into Hell? Nothing is more productive than allowing Him lift us up, for without His help we fade as a leaf. Do not miss your opportunity to be saved.

Get rid of the blame before it blows you away like the wind. Let the Lord show you how much He loves you, and you will be blessed at Christ’s return. In it, anyone who has refused the divine offering will be destined for Hell.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O God! Your love for humanity is inexplicable to the point that You sent your only Son to die for it! Today, whoever turns to You is forgiven, sanctified, and recreated in Christ.

We are no longer filthy because our injustices have been forgiven. We are your righteousness. What a change! You took us out of darkness and gave us what we needed most: forgiveness and direction. To You be all eternal glory!

May we produce acts of righteousness with Your anointing. Our past was buried with Jesus; we are resurrected in Him as a new creation. We thank You for being your living hope again. We praise You!


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