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23/07/2018 - OUR SUPPORT

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My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:8

The author of this Psalm is King David. He went from one extreme to the other, for he was one of God’s saints, who knew how to worship Him and at the same time, he was an invincible warrior in battles.  In his time, the wars were waged in the name of the gods of the nations who came with such wicked purposes, like overtaking the wealth of a country.  For this reason, the people of Israel had to go to war against their enemies or surrender to their greed.

David knew that if the Lord did not support him, he would be as fragile as his adversary before him, and the people of God would lose their battles.  David would prepare himself militarily and spiritually but he always credited his victories to the Almighty.  One time,  when he had decided to eliminate Nabal, whose sheep he had protected, but had been denied food for his starving men, David was still on hearing Abigail, Nabal’s wife, who said that he waged the wars for God (1 Samuel 25:7-28).

The history of the king of Israel is full of incidents, but he always took the fear of God with him, and declared that his soul followed Him closely.  We must all do the same, and thus the enemy will move away.  This one will always show up with his lies to distract you from the Almighty and take over you. To this end, he uses all means and unfortunately, he has been successful in the lives of many saints who did not stay alert.

To follow the Lord closely is to never lose fear of Him. No matter how difficult the trial is, those who trust in the Almighty never fall into temptation which are sent exactly to remove a person from the presence of God.  The Bible warns that Satan can appear as an angel of light.  This will give the impression that his work is as perfect as God’s, but it is all pure deception.

Stay alert, and do not relapse in your search for the Almighty. Seek Him with all your heart.  If not, the evil one will destroy you.  Without the protection from Above, there is no way to protect oneself from the devil. The person who accepts the offer from the devil gives in to him and becomes his servant.  If you fell, come back now to the feet of Christ and seek forgiveness, in order to not be attacked and destroyed by the enemy and lose your salvation. Mercy!

David said that God’s right hand supported him.  We must seek Him and when we find Him in the biblical promises, we must go to battle with determination and undo Satan’s efforts against our life.  There is no deliverance without the Lord, therefore, we must use our authority as members of the Body of Christ.  The Lord forgives, He is merciful and a Friend to those who serve Him and love to do that which is good.

Get yourself right with God right now! Don’t live in doubt.  If the enemy attacks you and you are out in the field with no protection from Heaven, he will cause you great harm. God chose your life to transform you and make you victorious. So, if you come to Him now, repenting of your ways, He will receive you and forgive you.  Chose to live with the heavenly Father and do not subject yourself to the devil and his demons.  Live freely!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Support!  How can we not to seek You, if we cannot possibly win our battles alone? With Your power and Your Name, we will not retreat, and the evil spirits will never be able to defeat us.

Under Your order, David revealed his secret.  Our soul desires to follow You closely.  Then, surrounded by You, the Consuming Fire, we will never retreat one millimeter from our position, but we will advance and glorify You with victory!

We are thankful and grateful because Your right hand upholds us.  This way, we lack no power or help.  You are more than we thought.  If You are near us, no evil will surprise us.  We are sure of success,  thus, You are glorified!  Amen!


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