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20/01/2018 - PACT REQUESTED

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Now therefore, swear to me by God that you will not deal falsely with me, with my offspring, or with my posterity; but that according to the kindness that I have done to you, you will do to me and to the land in which you have dwelt. Genesis 21:23

Abraham’s life was being carefully observed by those who had heard of him, because whatever he touched revealed to be blessed by the Lord.  His success caught Abimelech’s attention, which was using his shepherds to take over a well that had been dug by Abraham’s shepherds.  The patriarch’s attitude led the king of the philistines to propose a pact, which mentioned the benefits that had been received earlier.

The reports that told of what had happened in Egypt, when the Pharaoh took Abraham’s wife and was chastised by the Almighty, spread throughout all the corners (Genesis 12:17).  People were impressed with Abraham’s closeness to God, so they understood that it was never a good thing to fight against him.  After all, if he prayed, the Omnipotent would come to his aid.  So the best thing to do was to enter into alliance with him who had an alliance with God. 

Years before this offer, the devil who had entered into Pharaoh and made him take Sarah, Abraham’s wife, for himself, made the king of the philistines act in similar manner (Genesis 20:2). However, when the philistine king took Sarah to be his wife, he was warned in a dream by the Almighty that he was a dead man for having done this.  So, before he touched her, he returned Sarah. Abraham’s alliance with God protected him up to this point.  The alliance we have with Him protects us too.

Abraham grew very rich, as he had a divine blessing.  His error with Hagar, who gave him Ishmael, which was not the promised son, bothered him, so the young boy used to tease Isaac.  In an incredible decision, Abraham sent away Hagar and Ishmael, her son, giving them bread and water, and she wandered through the desert of Beersheba (Genesis 21:14).  They didn’t die because the little boy prayed.  This fact made all men fear the man who was a friend of God. Halleluiah! 

On the other hand, another situation displeased the patriarch, and at any time, would lead him to stand against the philistines.  The king feigned to not see the attitude of his shepherds against Abraham’s shepherds, when they took his well.  But noticing how he grew, the king was filled with fear, and with the commander of his army, he sought Abraham to seal a pact before it was too late.

Abraham new how to negotiate the agreement and, with wisdom, showed his displeasure against the king’s shepherd behavior.  Actually, Abimelech felt what could happen to him, if Abraham used force against him in answer to the losses that were suffered.  The king had more to lose, because he had heard about the four kings that had sacked Sodom in preceding years.

Pretending to not know about his shepherds, the king proposed a pact where Abraham would swear by God that he would bless him, his son and grandson as he had done in previous years.  The reconciliation was formalized in a solemn ceremony.  What a wise lesson!

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Friend!  When Abraham felt Your touches, he obeyed You.  When You commanded him to leave the land that he inhabited, the house of his father, and go to a place that would be shown to him, he did not hesitate and showed himself faithful to You. Halleluiah!

We want to be like him for there is no doubt that Your plan is much better for our life.  We must learn how to listen to You and to obey.  Teach us to be fearful of you, and we will serve You with joy and dignity.

That the kings of this world may learn to see that we have something they don’t have.  We are people that can be trusted. They must cease to plot evil against us. With You in our favor, we will be a blessing to others wherever we go.  We love You!


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