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For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified. Hebrews 10:14

Everything that comes from God, to be received or operated as it pleases Him, requires action. The centurion went to Jesus, and the Master decided to go to his house to heal the sick servant. That officer replied that a word from Jesus was sufficient for the healing to take place (Matthew 8: 4-9). Now, the word of the Lord endures forever. Returning to Canaan, after many years in Padan-Aram, Jacob called upon the Lord what He had promised him (Genesis 35: 9), for he believed the promise!

It took only one oblation, the offering of the body of Jesus, to definitely perfect those who go to God by the Nazarene. No sacrifice is necessary on our part to deserve the divine operation in our lives. Having been perfected, nothing more is to be done to deserve the favor of the Lord, but only believe. A single touch of the Most High in a lost person makes them a true saint!

Perfection does not need a rectification, unless the person, like the sow mentioned by Peter, goes back to the mud of the pigsty (2 Peter 2:22). Even if 50, 60, 100 years or more pass, no one will need to seek from God the perfection of salvation, because it is complete, good and final. When Christ died for us, He left nothing to be resolved later, but He freed us forever from the realm of evil.

We were sanctified, delivered and healed by the work of the beloved Savior, so we should thank God and believe in Him, because we were made more than conquerors in His Son (Romans 8:37). Salvation gives us the new birth – the re-creation of our spirit in Christ. Now we are sanctified and perfected for the good works prepared by Jesus at Calvary.

When facing any demon that´s afflicting you, or is attacking a relative or acquaintance, believe that this problem is before you because God enabled you to solve it. Therefore, never doubt the Almighty´s power; otherwise, you will be calling Him a liar, and that is very serious. The Lord is the eternal and absolute Truth.

The Holy Ghost will testify in the hearts of those who come to the declaration that this message is true in all its extension. If you have felt like nothing, a miserable sinner, just forgiven by grace, it is time to meditate on what you have learned and believe in the testimony of God within you. Then, in a few days, you will have more faith and courage.

Having declared that He had come to do the Father´s will, the Lord did not give up, but went to the end in His mission, confronted the devil and took from him the authority stolen from Adam, with which he oppressed us. It’s time to cry out for divine vengeance on the evil realm and take back what the enemy stole.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God our Perfector! We are no longer weak sinners, but people who are able to withstand the onslaught of the evil one, for the purpose of freeing the fallen and giving life to those who are dominated by vices, errors, and passions.

You have done an improvement that will never have to be rectified unless we return to the mud of the pigpen. But with Your help we will live to give You joy and many praises. We love you!

Help us live the reality of the new birth, in which we will walk step by step with You in the sublime work of rescuing lives. Thank You for salvation! Be always magnified!


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