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Then I beat them as fine as the dust before the wind; I cast them out like dirt in the streets.  Psalm 18:42

We are not enjoying abundant life (John 10: 10b) – Jesus’ revelation on the position of the Kingdom of God. It seems that we have developed a religion to compete with others as to how to approach the Lord, but the goal is not reached that way. It is worse to consider our failures as normal, while we wish that not to be so. May the Lord open our eyes while there is time!

King David understood that the enemy and all his threats had to be destroyed; otherwise anguish, disappointment, and other evil feelings would not let him and his people be fulfilled in God. Are Truth preachers missing or true Christians missing? The Bible has not changed, much less the Lord (Hebrews 13:8). We must assume what came out of His lips, believe in Him and seek Him with all our heart. Faith is the same too!

As long as there is a bit of wickedness within you, the devil will insist on tempting you, and sooner or later you will fall into it. The lesson left by the king of Israel is that the devil’s agents are wicked and, if we leave them with any ability, they will come back and attack us. Therefore, the realm of evil has to be crushed, reduced to ashes, without the slightest possibility of rising up again.

When He gave Sihon and Og to the Israelites, the Most High commanded them to destroy these two peoples, even the children (Numbers 21: 33-35). This teaches us that everything that comes from the enemy is pernicious. If we allow a simple dirty thought gain strength, we may commit it in the future. As we receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, we become new creation, and old things have passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17). With Christ, everything is made new. Halleluiah!

David’s example shows that we must take a clod and crush it before the wind, so that all its mass will be thrown away and never come back together. As soon as David was confirmed king over Israel, the Philistines gathered and went to fight him. David confronted them and defeated them, saying that he was like the breakthrough of water (1 Chronicles 14:11). They turned back, but left their gods, and the king of Israel commanded them to be burned.

For David, the enemy and its wiles had to be treated as mud, which must be discarded. There is no use in the mud that covers the sidewalk of your house except to make you slip. Once it dries, it will flood your house with dust. Many have dust on their spiritual eyes, so they do not see the Lord. Have zero tolerance for evil, throw it away, otherwise you will pay a high price! Never tolerate sin, music and movies that bring you lewd, hatred and temptation!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of good counsel! Biblical examples show us that we cannot give the enemy the pleasure of saying that he has us in his clutches. As David did, the enemies who threaten us, even try to make us suffer, but they must be crushed!

As long as there are evil desires in our hearts, we cannot resist the devil. We need Your power and guidance to crush all that comes from him and which oppresses us. Once freed, we will need Your good counsels!

In addition, we have to throw away opponents like dirt in the streets. We do it mercilessly so we will never see them again. Thank You for your counsels for we are successful because of them. Amen!


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