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Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.  Psalm 19:14

The Lord is perfect, exists for Himself and only does what is good. God conceived the plan of creating man in His image and likeness, forming him from the dust of the earth and blessing him, to live with him forever. Before that He set about making the “house” where His creature would live, the material world, and with His wisdom did a multitude of things, many of which are still unknown to us.

We would be very different from what we are – fallen, sinful and wicked – if the first couple had not sinned. With the fall, the devil entered the world and upset him. The human being became evil and lost contact with the Creator. Then he had to learn to live far from communion with God and under the temptation of the enemy. However, the Most High provided the necessary medicine for our return to Him: He sent His Only Begotten Son to redeem us.

Today one need only hear the story of redemption, hearkening to the Word, and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior, to be free from sin and to be saved, and to enjoy God’s presence again. Our redemption was a complete act that freed us from the kingdom of darkness and enabled us to return to contact the Father. The instructions for this to occur were given to us by Jesus.

David, who lived a thousand years before Christ was born, was used to reveal how to walk with the Lord and to please Him in this error-filled world. In describing creation, it was used by the Spirit of God to teach us beautiful and good things. One of them was to ask the words of his mouth and the meditation of his heart to be pleasing to the Most High (Ps 19:14). The psalmist represented humanity’s desire to succeed on earth.

In mentioning this longing, David declares that God values the words that are acceptable to Him. A question then arises: what are they? The answer is simple: those born of biblical revelation. Now, since the Holy Scriptures are the standard for doing right, what we speak in line with them will satisfy the blessed and eternal God.

Pleasant words come from our hearts as we meditate on the Word, for the mouth speaks of the fullness of the heart (Matt. 12:34). Otherwise, nothing good will come out of us. Without Jesus, we can do nothing. If one considers oneself wise enough to speak and do right, without slipping into anything, one needs a great deal of humility. The good thing is that we can count on God in any situation.

The Lord is our Deliverer and preserves our freedom. He is also the Rock upon which we must build, never to be shaken by the evil one. Whoever makes biblical directions his way will never again be dominated and used by the devil. Keeping the commandments makes you loved by the Father and the Son. The Most High will reveal Himself to you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We have to live always thinking of pleasing You and having You as our Lord and Master. We wish to be very close to You, so that we will not be deceived by the evil one. We love you from the heart!

Help us to speak what gives you pleasure, as a result of the reflection of the Scriptures. So we will make you happy with our life. Deliver us from the torments! Unfortunately, many lives, because they do not fear you, have nothing to offer you.

May our hearts be boiling with declarations that rejoice Thee! We do not want to be the cause of your sorrow towards us. Your Spirit has free course in our lives. Thank you for loving us!


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