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18/01/2018 - PREVIOUS PLACE

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to the place of the altar which he had made there at first. And there Abram called on the name of the LORD. Genesis 13:4

It is always important to remember the works that you carried out under God’s instructions, because not all are specifically for just one moment.  When he set up his tent, between Bethel and Ai, the patriarch held a vision of both worlds before him.  On one side, he saw the royal city of the Canaanites, and on the other, the house of God: there he erected an altar to the Lord and called out to Him.  When he came back from Egypt, he was rich in cattle, silver and gold, but did not forget the Almighty.

As he entered the land that would be of his descendant’s, Abraham journeyed from South to Bethel.  Only God knows what was in his heart, since he was now going through the land that would belong to his sons, and how often and intensively he had prayed for them to keep the faith- fleeing from the temptations that drew near them – and continue to believe in the Almighty. This would avoid the divine plan from suffering any loss.  Abraham knew that one day he and his people would leave this world but the celestial plan would remain and continue.

The place for the altar was special for him, due to his covenant with the Most High.  Certainly, once he arrived, his faith would be completely renewed.  It is important not to lose track of time, and forget what the Father had said, and what had been learned in His presence.   The teachings we learn from Him are all precious and powerful to those who trust in His promises.  Learn more about them to be able to claim and enjoy!

Keep in your heart the altar that you erected to God, the promises you received from Him and the ones that you made to Him too – they are all part of His covenant with you.  As you enter into prayer, remind the Lord of His promise.  Actually, you will be reminding yourself of what He said.  There at the altar, your words should be few and your ears have to be tuned and attentive to the Father.

No doubt, the biblical heroes knew how to seek the face of the Almighty the way they learned how.  In this way, they received the power to put the adversary’s armies to flight; thus becoming victorious.  Even being in a physical location, you must walk to the altar – the spiritual position – that you have reached in the presence of God. Returning to where God last found you, you will enjoy His support and assistance again.

Only those who are in alliance with the Most High are able to be used by Him in the most diverse and spectacular ways.  When they need assistance, they will come before the Father, present and plea for all their needs, and will not leave with empty hands.  David used to consult God as to how he should face the enemy.  With the Lord’s guidance, he could enter against the enemy’s troops and claim his victory.

Did God change? He did not.  But we can’t create new ways to make contact with Him.  Jesus tells us we must examine the Scriptures because they contain eternal life and testify about Him and about us too.  Those who follow Him and go by the Word will not be confounded.  Like Abraham, when you are in the holy place, call on the Name of the Lord and be victorious.

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares 

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God, our Help!  We have come up from the land of sin to the land of freedom.  We must find and meet with You again where You determined.  Help us to rebuild Your altar.

Although we prosper, the sign that we are doing well will be when we find You.  Then, we will be able to open our hearts, be cleaned from our errors and bad decisions and choices, and be sure that we are walking again with You. We need you!

The best of our journeys is when we come to Your House, our Bethel.  Those that You chose and used powerfully have all been there.  In truth, none of them would have been successful if it were not in Your presence.  Take us to our beginnings, when You prepared us. Amen!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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