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For Moses truly said to the fathers, ‘The Lord your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your brethren. Him you shall hear in all things, whatever He says to you. Acts 3:22

The prophet quoted by Moses is Jesus, who came to give us the full revelation and redeem us from the fall. In those days, there was no written Word of God, no prophets to guide the Hebrews. So they had no steady faith in the Most High. Today, we do not have to listen to Moses, but to the Holy Spirit, who used Moses to write what God reveals to us. Giving ear to the Scriptures pleases our Creator and Father.

Just as Moses went to Egypt and took the Israelites from the Pharaoh, Christ, the Prophet raised by the Lord, took the people of God out of the devil´s captivity. Jesus went to hell and delivered us from eternal damnation. Thus, we are no longer under Satan´s command. The hellish “Pharaoh” lost power over us, for he was defeated. But if we do not pay attention to the Word, we will not leave the desert.

Moses was the shepherd of the Hebrews for 40 years, but he could have been for less time had they not rebelled against the Most High. Because of this attitude that hurt Him, the people were almost decimated in the wilderness. Jesus is the supreme Shepherd of our soul. We must consult His teachings to serve the Father fully and to get rid of the devil’s traps. Follow Jesus and you will never stumble.

The saved must heed the following truth: he who does not believe will not see the glory of God (John 11:40). It is much bigger than man can imagine; after all, we are talking about the ability of the Almighty to recreate us in Christ and equip us with abilities that we cannot understand. But, if we allow ourselves to be used by Him, we will do the works done by Jesus and, in many cases, even greater ones (John 14:12).

In those days, because they were disobedient, the Hebrews walked in the desert for 40 years. All that suffering would not have taken place had they followed the voice of God. Today, as He deals directly with people, it will depend on them on how long they will take to understand the divine plan. The Word is the perfect guide that will lead us to take possession of the abundant life provided by the Master (John 10:10). There is much in God waiting for us!

It is necessary to live at the Lord’s feet without disconnecting from Him. When we separate from Him, we fall into the hands of the evil spirits, which bring confusion to our hearts. When in the God-given mission, you will be led by Him as Jesus was. Christ said that He did nothing that the Father had not done or showed Him (John 5:19). The way the Most High directs us is the same as that used by Him to guide the brethren of the past: by His Word.

Do not let the bad treasure be placed in your heart. Fill yourself with the revelation of the Word. Although things are difficult today, as the days go by, you will become the blessing planned by the Lord. You were born into the family of God to a living hope. Do not frustrate Him, but serve Him with a joyfull heart.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! You are everything to us and much more than the man can think. In You we are enriched with all kinds of heavenly blessings. Our lot in You is complete, without reproof or condemnation.

May Your mercy encircle us at every moment, so that we don’t make hasty decisions, nor deceive ourselves with the offers of the devil. We want to enjoy the gifts in Christ, the excellence of Your will.

It is good to be a member of Your family and a partaker of the Holy Spirit. When I set forth my needs, You will supply them. Calling You Father is a gift that I simply cannot equally correspond. Thank You!


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