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03/08/2019 - REASON TO BE GLAD

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The LORD has done great things for us, And we are glad. Psalm 126:3

There is a hymn sung in our services which says we must count the blessings received by the Father, we will be surprised with all He´s done for us. To examine the number of blessings carried out by the Lord in our favor, makes us leap for joy. One cannot doubt: the Lord´s deeds are still small compared to what He´s promised us to do. 

Most assuredly, God has done great things concerning you, but, if you don´t stop to see what they are, when He doesn´t reply you immediately, you will sadden thinking He doesn´t love you. We cannot be like spoiled kids or like those who live afar from divine plan, failing to praise the Lord for all that He´s done for us. He will continue to fulfill His promises in the life of those that believe. 

When you count the blessings and realize they are many, consider those you aren´t aware of, but that will be revealed in eternity. One thing is certain: the Most High will continue to work in our favor, so we can´t continue to live far from Him, but wait more and more, for He works all the time in order to grant us what we need. God is a good Father! 

Besides, the Most High has many things in store to give us during our life on earth. In eternity, He will make us know Him as we are known by Him. So there we will lack nothing, we will be in a perfect work, knowing the Lord. Even if the Father has answered all your petitions, He has much more to give you (Ephesians 3:20). It will be a great loss not to go to Heaven!

God has so much power and is so willing to do good that He constantly visits those who put their faith in Him and He gives them what they need. But even though we see Him work in our favor, we don’t seek Him as we should. Then, the devil rises up against us with all his hatred. Only when we are under attack do we seek the One whom we should of never forsaken, who has a good character. 

The author of Psalm 71 declared: My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness

And Your salvation all the day, For I do not know their limits (v. 15). While in this world, we won´t know how many times the Lord worked in our favor. Only in Heaven we will know. He will certainly tell us what He did for us. Unfortunately, many will reject Him and be lost forever. 

Everything you hear about God will not be enough. When trusting in His Word, not only are you applying to go to His Kingdom, but you will rejoice daily with your victories. We don´t know exactly how life with the Savior will be, but we know it will be grandiose and abundant. Undoubtedly, we will be stunned. Strive  to enter God´s perfect and eternal glory. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We need to know and count Your blessings, and thank You for all of them. Like Your Word says, You have done great things for us. To meditate on them will lead us close to You. 

Help us not to err by not recognizing the importance of Your deeds. Your concern in providing us the best, for us to enjoy of Your love, is very appreciated by those who love You, but we haven´t praised You accordingly. 

What about Your works we aren´t aware of? You have done them for us to serve You better. We thank You for working in our favor. Thus, we can live worthily, lacking nothing.


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