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Jesus answered them, “I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in My Father’s name, they bear witness of Me.  John 10:25

When God speaks to us once, we must immediately believe, for His words reveal His testimony. As we hear the Gospel through an anointed person, our hearts rejoice and we know that the Word comes from Heaven. Likewise, as we read the Bible. Then, as we realize that the Lord has spoken to us, the devil will quickly send his “birds” to eat the fallen seed by the wayside.

So, what to do you do if this happens? Well, you can’t do anything, but the joy that flooded your heart will go away. Or, you can take the seed and put it inside, the good earth, which you will produce abundantly. Depending on how we listen, something will be added or taken from us. Therefore, pay attention when God shares His Word with the church, or when you read the Scriptures. Thus, you will not lose any teaching.

Believe in Jesus, confess the Word and never let the enemy steal from you the treasure you have been given. Within the revelations of the Lord, there is power that can change your life, heal your ills, and solve your problems. To disregard Heaven’s guidelines is like burning the title deed designed to prove that the land belongs to you.

You see, a person will only be blessed if they believe in the Lord. As you say your prayer, never allow your adversary to try to prove that you do not deserve health, debt relief, or a good mind, and so on. The enemy, at all costs, wants to see him fallen in the gutter. Stand firm in the biblical promises, for God will not accomplish what you do not believe. The Lord gives what you say according to the Word. He is faithful!

The Master did the Father’s works so that they would testify of Him, showing Him as the Son of God, who had nothing of the enemy, but the Father’s grace to do His will. Likewise, Christians need to be seen as operators of wonders, wonders, and signs. That way, people will give them the necessary attention. Until you prove who you are, the Lord will not answer you!

The proof of Jesus was the testimony of the signs performed by Him on behalf of the troubled and sick. If the Savior had only philosophized about anything, many would say that He was cultured, full of wisdom, and so forth. However, by sending paralytics to walk, the deaf to hear, and the blind to see, it was proved that indeed He was the Son of God. He who does not display his spiritual identity will never be accepted as a servant of the Most High.

Do the works of the Lord in the Name of Jesus, and the sufferers will seek you. The apostle John said that large crowds followed the Master, for they heard and saw His signs upon the sick (John 6: 2). Whoever converts becomes a member of the Body of Christ and has the power to act in the Name of Jesus!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Your wonders performed in answer to our prayers and the witness of the Holy Spirit to the hearts that the work is yours show that you have sent us to do it. We have to be grateful for your help!

How would they believe in Your Son if He did not show identity by proving who He was? We need to have the document at hand. Thus the lost and their families, who have long been deceived by Satan, will believe in You.

We want to do the same works of Jesus. For this, we rely on Your Spirit, giving us the anointing to speak of Your love. Use us in a holy and powerful way, and Your beautiful Name will be praised.


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