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23/11/2019 - REHOBOAM’S ERROR

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And he did evil, because he did not prepare his heart to seek the Lord.  2 Chronicles 12:14

Similar error is committed by many Christians throughout the world.  To be a good doctor, you need not only six years of college and two of residence, but also extra effort participating in seminars and extra-curricular reading.  However, to serve the Creator of Heaven and Earth, who made everything from nothing and did it perfectly, many “drag their feet”.  The Bible has to be our study Book and meditation manual at all times. 

The fallen and wicked have no appreciation for the Word of God, considering it outdated, even without ever having studied it.  The biblical prophecies are all fulfilled or will be.  None of them have to be updated, nor is there any false deception.  The events reported in the Holy Book have been questioned over the centuries but not one error was ever found.

The Hebrew people, who constitute the kingdom of Israel was the only to teach the existence of only one God, the Creator of all.  Even being in minority, the descendants of Jacob were able to keep a superior moral pattern than the other nations.  The holy writings have a unique language and explain all matters with impressive wisdom.  Besides, the conservation of the Scriptures is very unusual.

According to the Bible, those who are not children of God are of the devil (read 1st  John 3:10).  For this reason, during millennia, the lost tried to destroy the people that are protected by the Almighty.  Nevertheless, the Christian continue strong and firm as in the past, in spite of the persecution of the Roman Empire and other dictators throughout the centuries.  The Covenant with the Lord is what protected them.  There are no wiser people than God’s very own people!

Many are not interested in Reading the Word, praying and consecrating themselves to the Lord; then they never experience how good He is.  Prepare your interior and seek Him.  Otherwise you will always thirst for the Truth, which is Jesus.  Rehoboam’s error was to not approach God.  Result: he had a short life and a defeated reign, being conquered even by the Egyptians. 

If you close your heart to the Almighty, although you are in church, you will suffer.  The Father wants to see you enabled and equipped to free yourself from the lies of the adversary.  This way, you will enjoy the divine authority given to those who receive Christ as Savior and Lord.  It is easy to be joyful and victorious: knowing and keeping the commandments of God (John 14:21).  Start now!

Rehoboam’s grandfather, king David, always sought the Lord since he was very young and learned from Him to be the person chosen by God, to undertake the mission later to be revealed.  When that day arrived, before anointing him as king, Samuel was confused when he saw the beauty of David’s brother, Eliab.  God, however, rebuked the prophet and he obeyed Him (1 Samuel 16.6-13).  Halleluiah!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Why do we waste so much money in preparing things in this life and lose sleep, but when we present ourselves to You as your approved laborers, who manage the Word very well, this does not occur? Help us to truly love You!

If David’s grandson had taken care to know how his grandfather was and how he had become king of Israel, he certainly would have done differently. So it happens with us! We don’t seek You enough. Mercy! 

Now knowing why Rehoboam failed, we want to participate in Your glory.  Grant us Your favor, because we need the power and the grace to walk with You.  Blessed are You!


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