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31/05/2019 - RIGHT REQUEST

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Lord, how long will You look on? Rescue me from their destructions, My precious life from the lions.  Psalm 35:17

How long does God have to put up with our evil deeds? Instead of taking hold of the blessings, we rather spend all our time asking Him to intervene. It is necessary to do the work of the Most High. Until we do it, He will not contemplate the desire of our heart. We commit one of the worst sins when we are in rebellion. Man must understand that God is Lord, and he is a servant by divine mercy.

Sadly, the heavenly Father sees our lack of trust in His Word. Because we do not fulfill our mission, we prove that we do not acknowledge Him as Lord over our life. It is not possible to live away from God and blame Him when our prayers are not answered. Now if there is rebellion, which is like the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23), we will not give Him the conditions to operate in our favor. If we reject His Word, He will reject us!

Many desolations come our way, but although we declare ourselves to be believers in the Lord, we do nothing. This is serious because, in addition to deceiving us about salvation, we are afflicted by all kinds of evil. Whoever rejects the Lord’s lordship falls into the clutches of evil spirits. Then, as long as one does not return to the Lord in true repentance, he will be bound to the yoke of the kingdom of darkness.

Moral degradation has grown everywhere. Sometimes we let our souls be inundated by the appeals of the media and, amazingly, we have not honored the commitment to proclaim to the lost the deliverance in Jesus. While we are silent, the devil acts in such a terrible way, causing us to practice the same shameful acts committed by the lost. Only when we truly repent and convert will we enjoy the times of renewal.

Satan´s traps have harmed many workers of God’s work. To make matters worse, they do behind doors that which they fight against the most. One must see the hole in the wall and dig to see all the sins. Why do the servants of the Lord suffer as much as the lost? Seek for the answer!

It is unbelievable, but our faith has been influenced by the forces of evil. It is necessary, then, to say to the Peter´s of today what Jesus said to Simon when he was used by the tempter to rebuke the Savior (Mark 8:33). Whoever does not rebuke becomes reprehensible and thus, leads others to surrender to the enemy. We deceive ourselves with the events that happen around us, even in our own house. Wake up and break free before it’s too late!

Whether you believe it or not, you got to understand: you are solely responsible for what happens in your life. To blame others is to err again, accumulating another sin or one even bigger. Seek the heavenly Father right now. You need to have an encounter with Him. This is the best opportunity for your soul to be rescued!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the One who works our ransom! You see our transgression, but we have not seen what You see, so the enemy has taken control of our decisions, and the outcome of that has been tragic. Help us, Father!

We do not want to live in distress, dominated by curses, and unable to put a stop to all of that. For us to be delivered from that which comes from Hell, we must repent and convert. We need You so much!

Our faith cannot be in the clutches of the devil; if we allow this, he will destroy our soul. This is serious and has occurred to those who do not stay alert and end up falling into sin. Hear our prayer and deliver us so that we may deliver others too!


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