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After these things Jesus and His disciples came into the land of Judea, and there He remained with them and baptized. John 3: 22

After much time ministering in Galilee and teaching about the Kingdom of God, Jesus departed for Judea, taking His disciples. It seems that the Savior was very different from us. Instead of staying where He was successful and reaping the fruits of His work, building a great church there, creating laborers to spread the work for all Israel, the Master left everything and went elsewhere to do what He could not perform in His native land.

Christ had said that he who is of God is like the wind, because the wind blows where it wishes, and they hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes (John 3: 8). When we learn to be used by the Lord, we will be more successful where He sends us rather than in our personal and imperfect projects. There is a reason for all the actions of the heavenly Father, so we should never have the slightest thought to take charge of the work, because He will always be the Master and Lord!

Why didn´t Jesus baptize and teach great teachings in Galilee? Now the things that are revealed to us belong to us, but the things that are not revealed to us belong to the Lord. When man ceases to make his own plans and assumes those of God, his world is shaken by divine power. Every example of Christ must be understood and imitated. Whoever does this will be greatly used by the Father. Do not plan; decide to obey the Lord.

Notice: Jesus was there with His disciples. Every householder must always be with his children; after all, because they are new to the faith, they need someone to admonish or correct them when necessary. The devil’s plan is to wound the shepherd so the sheep will disperse. In the same way, the children, or disciples, should be close to those who have the blessing, so that they do not lose any of the lessons that God will give through His servant.

In fact, in another text, the Bible states that Jesus did not baptize (John 4: 1-3). So, would there be a mismatch of information in the Scriptures? No! This does not occur with the Word of God. Although it was written by men, the Lord gave them revelation. The Master was so close to them when the new converts were baptized, that John the Baptist was used to imply that Jesus was baptizing. It is good to be close to yours when they obey the Lord, because they do very well!

Just as He spent all His time with the first disciples, Christ will also be at our side. Mark recorded the Master’s last words, before He went to Heaven, admonishing His disciples to preach the Gospel throughout the world. Thus, those who believed and were baptized would be saved. He also guaranteed that His followers would cast out demons in His Name and would heal the sick with the laying on of hands. Moreover, the Savior would be with them until the end of the age (Mark 16: 15, 16, Matthew 28: 20).

The centuries have not yet been consummated, so we have the certainty of Jesus’ presence at our side, confirming the Word with the signs that follow. Believe: every time you open your mouth to speak of the Gospel, the Lord will be with you to use you in the salvation of the lost and in the ministering of blessings, validating His Word. What a beautiful Savior!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God present at our side! There are no words to describe the holy joy that floods our hearts, because we know of Your presence by our side. Thus, we prove what You promise to do when we do Your work.

Help us to understand if we ever have to leave our Galilee and go to places where You baptized people, or if we will do it under Your supervision. In the acts we do for Your Kingdom, You will be with us.

We cannot have other more important things to accomplish than to follow You. You are the Lord, and we are Your servants, grateful to be by Your side. Thank You for the green pastures and the still waters that feed and refresh us. How good it is to be in Your presence!


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