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In mercy the throne will be established; and One will sit on it in truth, in the tabernacle of David, judging and seeking justice and hastening righteousness. Isaiah 16:5

The kingdom of Christ has come in the lives of those who accepted Him as Savior and Lord. When the Son defeated the devil and took back the power he stole from man, He received from the Father power in Heaven and Earth, in both spiritual and material worlds. When a Christian starts learning about the Truth, he is in wonder of what he can do in the Name of Jesus.

The Savior attained many blessings in humanity’s favor in His death. The fact that He received all authority must encourage us to fight against evil. The demons cannot keep us dominated, because the simple mention of the Name of the Lord destroys them. However, we need to be in Christ and Him in us, so that the divine power may operate with freedom.

Isaiah prophesized that a day would come in which the throne would be established with righteousness. A righteous person is someone who has good character and does good works. The kingdom would be established in goodness, through the works of a good person. The good news is that this kingdom has already been established and is fully active. Whenever we have any attitude, we must pray first and then act according to the Lord’s direction.

Christ established Himself in righteousness when He was raised to Heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father. The Savior is the ruler of the spiritual and material realms. He only needs us to use our faith and believe – considering that the work is done. Though it may be a difficult situation, He never loses a battle. We are seated with Him.

Jesus sat on the throne, in the tabernacle of David. This is the tent that the King of Israel found out that we were seated to judge – to solve our problems and of those who come to us seeking for help. We must make our decisions like a judge who judges a cause. They must be definitive, without giving any margin for the enemy to prevail. We have power in us!

The Lord’s purpose is to help us find the judgment, the work that He carried out on the cross. There is no reason why the will of God should not work in our favor, since the judgment has already been executed in His Son. He suffered our pains and infirmities so that we could be healed. He took upon Himself our transgressions and iniquities to set us free from the kingdom of darkness. He seeks and executes true judgment. 

The Lord is never late in His decisions; He hastens to do justice. As we believe in Scriptures, God delivers us. Therefore, order all evil to leave, and your healing will soon come.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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King of kings! Your kingdom will last for all eternity. Therefore, the devil will not prevail in any situation if the Christian rebukes and casts him out in the Name of Jesus. Your Throne is established in mercy.

We want to understand more about the Tabernacle of David in order to participate in Your works as You planned. Thank You for informing us that we are seated with Your Son on this blessed throne. Thus,, we will judge in truth by His Name.

Our purpose must be to seek justice and make the work of Jesus on Calvary prevail. May we be like the Master and hasten to do justice. We want to live the New Covenant in order to praise and glorify You forever.


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