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11/02/2019 - SERVANT OF GOD

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“Behold! My Servant whom I uphold, My Elect One in whom My soul delights! I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice to the Gentiles. Isaiah 42:1

When He presented Jesus, God used Isaiah to say first that He supported His Son. He does this as well with those that become His servant. To serve God is an honor, such a prominent statement, for whoever serves Him will be respected in the mission that they have received. Serving the Most High is completely different than working for any other master, for God is good, pure and rewarding.

The Lord chose His Son as His servant. It is no small thing to be chosen by God to fulfill a calling. Those who answer the heavenly Father are put to the test in order to confirm if they understood what He said. Then, they are anointed to take part in His work. Unfortunately, many are not approved in the tests given by the Almighty.

You will go through trials! Be careful not to be disqualified or lose the eternal reward. When the Lord bears witness of someone summoned to serve Him in the purpose of rescuing mankind from the clutches of the devil, the enemy loses authority over that person who has been confirmed as a heavenly worker. God’s servants receive a position in faith to themselves that cannot be matched.

It is very clear that God tests those to whom He will entrust a ministry, and if they continue to serve Him, sooner than they imagine, besides a good position, they will also attain confidence in the faith in Christ. Those who are approved to serve God will never again feel alone. It is worth being considered a member of Savior´s team. Once approved, because of the love you showed for Him and because of what you have done for His work, the Most High will delight in your actions. Because you love God, you will be loved by Him and by Jesus (John 14:21). He has assured that He will also manifest Himself to you. There is nothing better than the Father being pleased with us. He promised to put His Spirit upon those who serve Him. This is wonderful! Are you a servant of His already?

The children of God must believe in the judgment fulfilled at the death of Christ, when the prince of darkness was cast out from the position he occupied on Earth. Now we must bring forth righteousness among the wicked. We cannot remain distant from the position in which He has placed us to carry out His will. If we fulfill His intent, we will be victorious.

Why not start immediately? How many times will the Lord need to speak to your heart to obey Him? If you were called to fulfill the divine and you were anointed for such task, then begin to fulfill it! Be ready for it and be blessed!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of our election! What a privilege and responsibility to know that we have been called and anointed with Your Spirit to take part of Your work! Help us to give this the attention and consideration it deserves. 

We will be presented as Your servants. If we do the work correctly, we will be sustained by Your strength and guided by the Holy Spirit. We will give You the delight that Your servants must render to You. Guide us until the very last moment!! 

Because You have placed your Spirit upon us, we will speak to the gentiles about the redemptive work of Jesus. At every opportunity to deliver an oppressed, we will bring forth justice among the sinners. May our actions be as You have planned! Amen!


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