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22/08/2019 - SHARP ARROWS

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Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the King’s enemies; The peoples fall under You. Psalm 45:5

The symbolism is real, for the Warrior of the Lord would come with sharp arrows, which would reach the heart of the king’s enemies. Often, spiritual entities strive to keep us from accomplishing the divine will. In view of this, we must remember that, in the work of Jesus, we have sharp arrows that will reach the hearts of the adversaries of the Gospel, the messengers of Satan!

The Savior has made known to us everything the Father has revealed to Him, so we can perform the works done by Him. If we follow the example left by Christ, we will succeed in the battles in which we are directly or indirectly involved. The kingdom of darkness will never prevail against the advancement of the Church of Christ, because the same anointing and grace resting upon Him rests upon us. God will do the work through us!

Opponents will not be able to resist us if we use the arrows that God gives us by His Word. Therefore, be alert when you hear the Bible preaching, for, at that moment, God will arm you with bows and arrows. Never do as Ephraim, who was prepared to win the battle, but receded. Don´t hurt the Father’s heart with a cowardly decision. Remember, all temptation will always be less than your strength!

Each time we use the weapons revealed in Scriptures, we will reach the heart of the King’s adversaries. The work, the battle, and the way to stop it are from the Lord, so follow the biblical model. The achievements of the day are good and we must praise the Most High for them, but the victories recorded in the Word bring important lessons for us. It is necessary and productive to meditate on them!

We know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the forces of the kingdom of darkness, which Paul identified as principalities, powers, princes of the darkness of this world, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12). Therefore, use the weapons of the Lord and be sure that He has equipped you to act like Jesus. Since He would not surrender, go to the very end! You will win!

There is no argument, sophistry or other things born in the heart of man that can be compared to the revelations of the Word. The sharp arrow is the only weapon that penetrates the hearts of enemies and destroys their arguments, although they seem perfect to human eyes. Only God can do something perfect, because only He is perfect and complete. The Lord never fails nor loses.

No one will stand before us, as God said would happen to Joshua. We are the followers of the divine work. As heirs of the Almighty, we must continue the deeds of Christ. Our position in the spiritual world is of joint heirs, with the same inheritance of Jesus (Romans 8:17). God is faithful and good!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! It is important to know our responsibility and anointing. Your will can and should be done for us, since You have armed us for the battle. Those who recoil do not please You. Thank You for what You have revealed us!

Instead of running from the enemy, we must move forward and strive to fulfill what You teach us. Then with wisdom and honor, in the day we stand before You, we will hear with joy and satisfaction that we acted as the good and faithful servant!

Your power in us causes the demons to fall beneath us. Nothing and no one will keep us from advancing, even taking the precious seed with weeping. But the return of Your warriors will be great, for they will bring their bundles!


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