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When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. Mark 5:27

In the days of Jesus, a woman who is not identified suffered from loss of blood for 12 years. Today this ill affects many women too.  There are cases where the uterus, ovaries and tubes must be removed. The causes are various, such as the presence of myomas. We do not know what caused this hemorrhaging in the woman here mentioned, but the good news is that she was healed and restored by Jesus Christ. 

She probably was very wealthy because the Bible said she had spent all that she had (Mark 5:26). Therefore, at that moment, her clothes would be of little value, maybe her disposition had turned hopeless and depression had become her companion. After seeking many doctors she did not achieve her objective. She certainly had reason not to smile anymore, because she would go from bad to worse day after day. That woman did not believe that someone could heal her. 

Nevertheless, something did happen: she learned about Jesus. The best help that we can give to someone else is to open our mouths and to preach the Gospel. When we do this, even not knowing the other, we are used as prophets. Then that person will learn that God is at work in their heart. A new world is opened up to that person who receives the Nazarene and is delivered from evil by the Truth. Halleluiah!

Paying attention to the person who had told her concerning Christ, that woman heard the voice of God saying that if she only but touched the clothes of the Master, she would be healed. Then she did as Abraham and headed for a land that would yet be shown to her.  As the patriarch, she followed the long path of the cure reciting the divine decree: If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well” (Mark 5:28).

She remained firm in her confession because she believed in the faithfulness of God. Strive to understand the Word in order to obey Him. The Lord will honor it, as He did with Sarah and Abraham when they believed in God. The Almighty will never default on His promises. Then, having the possession of the Word, confess it and you will have what it says.

The woman followed the direction of the Almighty; did not change her mind. If we desire to succeed we must act in this manner. No doubt, the devil will tempt you in every way trying to make us turn away from the Lord. However, in the midst of thousands of voices that call out to us we must hear the good Shepherd, because He is faithful. Halleluiah!

Never abandon the divine teachings. God will be at your side wherever you go (Joshua 1:9). What the Lord has made known to you is like a direct communications channel by which you maintain contact with Him and He with you. Abraham’s example must be followed. So follow the exact instruction of the Almighty, and you will experience His best!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Lord, Fulfiller of promises! We trust in You because You honor Your words. You will always fulfill them. Proofs of this are the examples of Your servants throughout history who leave us no room for doubt. 

The woman who was losing blood touched the clothes of Your Son.  Before this, each step she gave to get close to You she would confess with her lips what she had heard from You. We must do the same. You will never abandon us.

We do not want to stop along the way, because our aim is to reach what You have promised.  Now in Your presence, we determine that this be confirmed. We thank You for being God and that You are good, faithful and true!


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