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08/05/2023 - SHECHEM’S DESPAIR

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Ask me ever so much dowry and gift, and I will give according to what you say to me; but give me the young woman as a wife.”  Genesis 34.12

Since his request had no effect, Shechem appealed to them to greatly increase the dowry and the gift, because the situation was untenable. He felt that everything would get worse if Jacob’s family would not give him permission to marry Dinah, whose name means Judged. Now, she was judged by the witless prince as a worthless person. But afterwards he wanted to pay whatever price necessary for her!

Dinah, being innocent in almost everything, went to look for the girls and also found a lad, a bad element that disrespected her, leading her to the judgment of those who had no mercy and knew no mercy. She was like a bargaining chip, yet her honor was worth much more than everyone could afford. Even if her relatives thought the amount was fair, nothing would restore her dignity. The prince caused her so much suffering. 

There are moments in life when the desire to take justice into one’s own hands is so great, but what could be done to restore the honor of the one who would be judged unworthy to have a marriage like her parents had? Before someone does evil to another, they should meditate on these facts, because shame is not taken away with a dowry, a gift, or all the gold in the world. The devil and the demons have caused virginity to be considered nothing, but remember: it was God who created the hymen!

Now, Shechem saw that it was not love that bound him to Dinah, but the wickedness of his heart. Nothing would stop him from giving whatever was asked of him, for his conscience tormented him greatly. However, Dinah’s family was unyielding. The pain of the children of Israel was greater than any amount. They didn’t know what to say or how much to ask. Their refusal tormented the senseless lad even more. What could be done?

You can imagine the pain of a brother who has killed his brother. His conscience will continue to mistreat him day and night. One thing everyone should know: never own a firearm or a melee weapon, because in the heat of an argument or a fight, a person can use it even against his father or a relative. Why arm yourself to kill someone if the best thing is to give him a chance to come to his senses and seek your forgiveness? (Luke 6.29). Why kill or hurt someone?

How many times Cain must have missed Abel, whose blood cried out from the earth? Was his crazy act of envy worth it? Seeing that God was not pleased with his offering, but with Abel’s, Cain killed him (Read Genesis, chapter 4). There were only his parents and his family on the face of the earth; now he was alone. The memory of his dead brother tormented him like a ghost. Cain killed out of envy when he saw that Abel knew how to please the Lord. Shechem morbid pleasure brought only disgrace. It’s good to stay alert!

There was never any agreement, dowry or gift, and the prince continued to agonize. Deep down, he knew that he would soon pay with his life for the wrong done to Dinah. Why did this happen? Probably because he had not been taught by his father to respect all people. May God enlighten your life!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O God, we need You! If one of Your children walks the path of crime, he will feel like a fish out of water and will suffer as the forces of the kingdom of darkness approach. There is nothing better than to walk with You and live in Your light!

Shechem was not Your servant. He didn't know You, even though he came to light after the Flood and therefore knew about all the people who died. Yet, because he had done wrong to Dinah, he was distressed!

For him, it didn't matter how much he had to pay to have Dinah. Father, when one of Your servants transgresses, he too is alarmed, and healing only comes - if that person confesses and forsakes sin! Forgive them, Lord!


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