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Therefore Sheol has enlarged itself and opened its mouth beyond measure; their glory and their multitude and their pomp, and he who is jubilant, shall descend into it. Isaiah 5:14

The Israelites were compared to drunks, alcohol-dependent people who drank from early morning until nightfall, when they warmed themselves with wine. All of this was symbolic, but because they did not amend, they went into captivity. Their mistake was failing to examine the divine work; after all, the Lord had prepared the way for them to be delivered from the devil’s clutches.

Their rebelliousness and stubbornness made the Sheol, Hell, increase its appetite. Several of God’s children have acted similarly. From one moment to another, they get carried away by the enemy´s lies. You don’t need a dirty movie to warm yourself, because true love comes from the simplicity of life and is better than the tricks Satan created. Flee from everything that is reproved in the Scriptures (1 Thessalonians 5:22)!

To receive everyone into its kingdom of destruction, the grave opens its mouth disproportionately. The Lord does not wish for one to be lost. However, unfortunately, many leave God’s love aside. They are responsible for being sent to eternal punishment, and also for the others who were inspired by them and fell for the “devil’s tale”. Divine help is lost in those lives, and glory is gone from them.

By being born again and accepting the Son of God as their Savior, these people were given a tremendous ability to be used by the Lord. But the good they did was erased, and the error they loved so much took drove them out of the Most High´s plan. If they don’t repent, they will never have another chance, because the captivity in the fiery lake is eternal (Revelation 20:10). Why sell yourself to the evil one for just a short moment of filthy pleasure?

The crowd that gave ear to them will also go with them. There will be no leader in perdition, no loyalty, not a single minute of tranquility. Such a place was not made for human beings, but for the devil and his demons (Matthew 25:41). The torment that the rebels will experience has been programmed and prepared for the forces of darkness. And once they are in that place, no one will escape from it.

All the pomp of sinners, their luxury and their inordinate ambitions will be burned for ever and ever. How is it that there are people who cannot believe this nor understand that this situation will be forever? Man´s spirit is eternal, for it is of the same essence as the Spirit of God (Genesis 2:7; Ecclesiastes 12:7). Those who accept the Lord and persevere in the faith will be in Heaven of glory, where they will enjoy all good things (Revelation 21:1-7).

It is clear, at the end of the verse we have studied, that the people who helped or took advantage of the error of the lost will go down with them into endless suffering. It´s not worth the risk! What God has spoken will be fulfilled in its entirety. Pray!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of holy warnings! You have shown how serious You are about what you say to the people. Because of the sins committed daily, the Sheol has enlarged itself, opening its mouth beyond measure. Mercy!

Why live in deception, knowing that your future will be in the lake of brimstone and fire, when the devil and his demons are cast into it? It is hard to understand how someone despises Your advice and gets involved in the enemy's mess!

Use us to snatch many from the fire. If things continue as they are, all the pompous and eccentric people who revel at the tables of sin will enter through the mouth of perdition and will never come out. Have mercy, Father!


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