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25/01/2023 - SIGNS OVER EGYPT

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Now Moses called all Israel and said to them: “You have seen all that the LORD did before your eyes in the land of Egypt, to Pharaoh and to all his servants and to all his land; Deuteronomy 29.2

The first attitude of a leader is to be right before God. Without this condition, he will not get from the Most High the guidance to straighten out his flock. Whoever fails to convey God’s message to his congregation will be shamed on the Great Day, because his stewardship – management – has not been as it should be (Luke 16.2) and, therefore, he has not received guidance from Heaven. It is better to seek a secular occupation to earn a living than to minister without the Lord’s instruction!

Gathering the people who are under your authority is a good act, even if it is costly in the eyes of the lost. Do you remember what the traitor Judas did right before he revealed himself treacherous, when he saw Mary, sister of the resurrected Lazarus, take a pound of spikenard, of great commercial value, and anoint Jesus’ feet? The wretched Iscariot said: Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor? (John 12.5).

Moses gathered the people to give them the divine message. When we have an important message to pass on, we must be ready, for God will use us for the good of all. We need to be ready for the Father to empower us, in order to lead the people correctly. The pastor of the church, the head of the family, and the leader of some association will answer to God for their actions. If they do something wrong, they will suffer harm.

God’s chosen one began by talking about the Lord’s deeds in Egypt, at the beginning of everything. When we remember the humble beginnings, we will make people remember what they felt at that time. As the days go by, with trials and temptations, many people change their behavior. God’s work has to be the same from beginning to the end, or it comes from man. Take care and never let the Lord down (Luke 9.62).

When the work comes from the Lord, people remember everything He did, even the procedures that the leader took and they didn’t understand, but after years, they concluded that the hand of the Most High was there. From A to Z everything must be holy. If there is any lapse, the Lord will show that the leader was responsible for it. God chooses whom He has prepared, for He never makes mistakes. Learn to be humble and be faithful. In the end, God will magnify you!

The struggle against Pharaoh was intense, but the Lord was Moses’ Shield. That is why the king of Egypt never laid hands on the one Drawn out of the Waters. Likewise, at the beginning of every work that comes from God, He shows His power in the eyes of the people and the authorities, and no snare of the devil thrives against the Church of Christ. Do not be afraid to obey the Father, and do not take a step without Him.

The ten plagues proved that the gods of the Egyptians were nothing but demons (Exodus 7-12). Moses shamed that millennial cult, where evil spirits ruled Egypt. We have been called to make a difference today. Take care of yourselves!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of signs in Egypt! Your show in the greatest empire of the world was beautiful. They did not know You as the Creator. Since Pharaoh's heart was evil at all times, You reduced him to shame and destruction. Praise Your Name!

You have raised us up to prove who You are before people from all social classes, and Your praise has been exalted through the mouths of millions. The majority need to be gathered to hear what You did in the beginning. You desire to do this forever!

Father, help to publish Your work, accomplished by Jesus on behalf of mankind. The world needs to hear about the death and resurrection of Your Son, who alone went to Hades and stripped Satan and his demons of the power they stole from Adam. You alone are Lord!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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