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Our fathers in Egypt did not understand Your wonders; they did not remember the multitude of Your mercies, but rebelled by the sea—the Red Sea. Psalm 106:7

The Israelites that exited Egypt were the most privileged of the entire human race, after the fall of Adam until the coming of the Savior. They all saw the spectacular things done by the Lord through Moses before Pharaoh, as He took His people out of the land of Ham (Psalm 105:23). However, they did not understand the divine operations. Nowadays, we must be careful not to fall for the same mistake. If we do so, we will hurt the heavenly Father in the same way.

Although the Israelites – slaves to one of the greatest kingdoms on Earth – had seen the hand of God acting in their favor, they did not give credit to God for those accomplishments. Thus, they lost a lot of what they could have obtained from the Almighty on their way to Canaan. The worst consequence of their lack of trust in the Most Hight was for them not to enter in the Promised Land after walking for 40 years in the desert.

The times in which we live have a special meaning due to opportunities we have to know the Lord as never before. If we considered God’s wonders of the past and believed in the promises of our days, our faith would certainly grow, and consequently, we would have more of Him. However, we have acted as strangers to the New Covenant, and instead of assuming our place in Christ, we keep praying to be set free of our evils.

If we lack power to fight the attacks of darkness, the guilt is on us since we do not pay attention to what the Omnipotent has done nor do we understand how He can help us. The wonders that happened in Egypt make us believe that there is no hardship that can’t be overcome. Now, everything that was written and that happened in the biblical days is for our teaching today; therefore, we must take hold of what already belongs to us.

As the Israelites left Egypt, they saw that the Lord’s mercies were greater than their needs. However, even so, when they had setbacks, they became desperate. This happens in the same way nowadays. Although we know that Jesus took our sicknesses and diseases, we have prayed for Him to heal us, to give us strength to be victorious against temptations, and to make us prosper. Such an attitude makes us forget that the rescue has already taken place, and that God declares that we are healed!

What most displeased the Most High was the rebellion of His people, because when He took them out of captivity, they should have become His partners. Learn from this lesson and do not rebel against what God has said. We are a people that have the right to enjoy good health (because by Jesus’ wounds, we are healed), to live in holiness (because His blood shed on the cross cleans us from all sins), and to prosper, once Christ has met all our needs.

Remember that the miracle that God has done for you is not everything that He could have done in your favor, but just the beginning of a cycle of many blessings. You will not be forsaken or despised in the difficult moments, as long as you believe and live by faith in the Redeemer. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Worker of Wonders! As You did in Egypt, do in our favor today. Even though the devil may try to make us believe that You do not want to operate anymore in our favor, we must keep believing in Your promises in order to see Your power in action.

The ancestors of Israel that saw Your glory in the land of suffering did not know how to believe in You to contemplate the most beautiful miracles that happened on the way to Canaan. We can never fall in this mistake, since we are surrounded by testimonies of Your wonders.

May everything that You have provided and done for humanity when Christ went to Hell and gave Satan the end that he deserved, be not despised by any of Your children. Therefore, Your Name will be glorified, and we will see more of Your hand in action. Amen!


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