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“The Lord kills and makes alive; He brings down to the grave and brings up..  1 Samuel 2:6

Hannah reached a stage in her faith that she could order a mountain to rise and launch itself into the sea, and she would obey him. Perhaps, what happened to her means more than the removal of a pile, because her previously infertile body has undergone such a change that she could give birth to seven children. No matter what people think about you, if you humble yourself before God, He will raise you up.

Great victories follow great battles. So don’t run from your struggle if it seems too big, beyond your ability to resist. You do not know the strength that God has put in the human being, which is inert in him. So, awaken the power that is in you. Whoever learns the Lord’s way wins battles easily, because with His help, the size of the battle does not matter (Rom. 8.37).

Before creating all things, the Most High had the perfect plan to make you someone chosen to be used by Him. Given this truth, giving up on life, for example, will greatly displease those who prepared you for the present moment. We are Heaven’s answer to the evils of humanity at this time. We just need to walk in communion with the Father to be strengthened in the battles.

The Lord gave us life and prepared us for His temple. In that way, nothing will get us out of His glorious plan. In Scripture, we find the Creator’s real purpose. Thus, as we keep His commandments, we become powerful and wise to honor the ministry He has given. Never accept the slightest thought of running away from struggles; after all, you have been called upon to overcome them. Hallelujah!

God gives life, but He also takes it away. The decision is ours! As much as a person insists on blaming someone for some misfortune, this is not true. When Ana got right with the Lord, she had the unlikely experience of giving birth to a large number of offspring. Women who do not want to take the trouble to increase the divine heritage will have to give explanations in the Judgment. Beware of the tempter, as he wants to destroy you.

While on Earth, we must prepare to serve God, so that our battles are vehicles for fulfilling His plan. Ana said that the Most High brings down to the grave, which will happen to all of us one day. However, it is wonderful to know the following: He will also make us rise from it. What happened to Lazarus will happen to those who die in the Lord, as His servants, and the Almighty will raise them up!

Try to consecrate yourself to God to be successful. If Ana did not cry out like that, drawing the attention of priest Eli, she would not have received her blessing. Nothing can distract you from your purpose, not even a prayer that looks more like an argument from a drunk. We don’t know what Ana was saying, but it certainly pleased the Lord, and He heard her!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Absolute God over everything! How often we are scolded or scorned for the way we pray! What we learn from You must be the way we must fight until we achieve victory. Ana just wanted to win!

You promised to instruct us on the way forward. If David changed his way of war, he would probably lose some or all of his battles. But he believed that You led him in everything, so he faced bear, lion, giant and enemy armies.

Whoever gives life has the power to take it. He who brings down the grave has the power to bring it up. The most important thing is to be Your instruments. With you, we will end all opponents. Thank you for using us!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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