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If they obey and serve Him, They shall spend their days in prosperity, And their years in pleasures. Job 36:11

Man will do anything to ensure a prosperous future with health and delight for himself and his family. But when we talk about the real recipe, many jump out and say they don’t care about their eternal destiny. This is crazy! The human spirit will never end, and if that person is not born again, he will go to perdition. Beware of what the world calls pleasure! This will rob you of the opportunity to save yourself. Watch and pray!

We need to hear the Creator of all things, because surely He will give us the right directions. The enemy makes many people believe that God is not what He says He is and does not keep His promises. But whoever claims this has been visited by the spirit of error and therefore will not have a share in the Kingdom of Heaven. Why believe in the devil’s lies if you can know the Lord and His wonderful plan?

Our days will end sooner or later. After all, from the beginning, no one could deceive death. In fact, the mere mention that one day it will all end will make sinners distressed. Ponder the voice of God in your heart; otherwise, He will no longer talk to you and there will be no last chance call. Today is the day for you to be saved. Accept Jesus!

The divine formula must never be missed. In the end, when the time comes, it will do no good to cry out for mercy. The seed planted today will be harvested tomorrow. Now whoever sows thorns will be in the same way as he who sows faith and love, but the fruit will come as the seed sown. Be wise and resist the demon of error.

Our choice here on earth will accompany us for eternity. Take the case of the rich and the beggar Lazarus. When they both died, each one went their own way. The rich, who never helped anyone, not even the beggar Lazarus, died and departed to eternal perdition; Lazarus, on his departure, went to the Kingdom of God (Luke 16:20-22). The wrong choice results in this. So, knowing these things beforehand, try to do the will of the Most High for your good.

He who does not hear the Lord and disobey His commandments does not love Him. Many are fooling themselves with what people tell them. Because they do not know God’s Word, they believe that He will not be strict on the Day of reckoning. However, the unpleasant surprise will be big. He who despises divine warnings will never succeed in his prayers. God’s Law must be honored, for it will never change.

Have you decided how your days will end? Or are you deciding later on? If you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior and do not follow Him according to the Scriptures, you are certainly not saved yet. God’s servant strives to remain in divine grace. Should any slip occur, it will soon regret and mend. That is the right thing to do. Now the wicked will be lost forever.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord!  We alone must listen to you and at the same time consecrate our lives to you, as your Word directs. We are yours and will only heed your teachings, which are quiet and pure.

We want to end our days well, without getting involved in the works of darkness. That is why we ask that we are always given daily bread. In this way we can feed our spirit and learn from You. We will be grateful!

We must fulfill the mission given by You to end our years in delight, . By obeying Your precepts, we gain Your wisdom to know how to behave with joy and holiness. Thank you for your love!


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