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27/03/2023 - SUDDEN FALL

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And He shall break it like the breaking of the potter’s vessel, which is broken in pieces; He shall not spare. So there shall not be found among its fragments a shard to take fire from the hearth, Or to take water from the cistern.     Isaiah 30.14

Isaiah predicted the sad punishment of Judah, a prophecy intended for all those who would let the evil force use them after the fall of the kingdom of the house of David. Whoever plays with the enemy’s fire will see his garments consumed by it. Repentance will reach the remnant (Romans 9.27). They were contaminated without realizing the sorrow sent by the devil to their true friends. Only God’s mercy!

As for those who love treachery, who have not truly repented and surrendered their hearts, they will be broken as the potter’s vessel is broken. It will be thrown back to the place from which it was taken. How sad it will be to see those who are prepared and sanctified to be used by the Most High – walking with those who have lost the fear of God. Unfortunately, many people call themselves servants of the evil one. Mercy!

The God of love will break anyone who does not want to be what He has destined for His Kingdom. Such a person acts wickedly like Alexander the tinsmith, who caused Paul much harm, and Hymenaeus. These men did much evil and were handed over to Satan to learn not to blaspheme anymore (1 Timothy 1.20). Why do some compare themselves to those mentioned in Psalm 55.12-15. Many saved people become fools!

In those days when Isaiah’s prophecy was to be fulfilled, there was all kinds of error in Judah. No doubt, when many rise up against the Truth, there will also be sin. The devil uses those who indulge in licentiousness, lust and sensuality. Why are there people twisting the Word to their own doom? May the mercy of the Most High deliver them completely from the enemy, for there is still a way back for the sincere!

The promised prosperity would come to the people of Judah (Proverbs 10.22), but because they would rule their own hearts, that people would be lost in the same iniquity of those who don’t know the Lord. The world thinks only of bread and games, with all the facilities of modern life. To have a car of the year is the poor achievement of those who don’t love God, for to possess goods and to show them off is more important than to lead the lost to salvation. Pray!

Like the young man in Proverbs 5:1-23, the foolish ones are seduced by the adulteress, who is hunting for precious lives (Proverbs 7). There is no shortage of examples in Scripture of those who have given in to the devil. Unfortunately, others will also turn to the pride of the father of lies (John 8.44). Don’t take the wrong road, the path of death, because you have been washed by the blood of Jesus. Continue to be an overcomer!

If you continue on the wrong path, you will be broken by the Lord and you will never again be the person He has prepared to lead many to Zion. Not one of your pieces will be found to take fire from Heaven or to draw water from the fountains of salvation (Isaiah 12.3).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! What a strong verse! Such a stern warning You give to those You love. Those who take the path of hatred and stray from the royal path will never taste the fruit of the hard labor Your Son endured to give us salvation!

The misguided young man in Proverbs chapter 7 saw the arrow strike his liver and his end come without warning. He paid no heed to Your admonitions. Father, we turn to You with great cries and tears!

We long to be perfect vessels, the joy of the Potter, who is You. Break the evil outlines of our lives, but do not break us, for we do not want to be useless shards. We must bring the fire from Heaven and draw water from the fountains of salvation.


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