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Now Hannah spoke in her heart; only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard. Therefore Eli thought she was drunk.  1 Samuel 1.13

Elkanah, a descendant of an Ephraimite, had two wives: Hannah and Peninnah. Some believe that Hannah was the first, but since she was barren, he also married Peninnah, with whom he had some children. The first wife became the center of a great biblical lesson, the second one provoked her due to her barrenness. The Bible states that God clenched Hannah’s womb, but in a surge of faith and obedience to the divine touch, she entered the temple, poured out herself before the Lord and was heard. Pray!

It’s interesting to note that some biblical characters were born in Bethlehem, such as Elimelech, Naomi’s husband, whose family went on a pilgrimage to Moab and made Ruth, the Moabite, marry the Israelite couple’s son, Mahlon, who died. By the Law of Moses, no Moabite could enter the temple, but, by the grace of God, Ruth became the great-grandmother of King David and the ancestor of Jesus (Matthew 1.5,6). The plans of the Most High are beyond our understanding and our will (Romans 11.33).

When praying in the tabernacle of the Lord located in Shiloh, Hannah only moved her lips, for it was in her heart that the battle was waged. She cried, gesticulated and struggled to have the blessing of being a mother. Eli the priest – probably because he was not in the spirit – when he saw her acting that way, he thought she was drunk. From the biblical point of view, Anna was drunk, as were those who were filled with the Holy Spirit (read Acts 2.14 onward).

Hannah’s battle was coming to an end. No words were coming out of her mouth, but her body was struggling to be transformed. The fact of exposing herself to the Lord, being seen by the priest and considered drunk made her receive the answer to her cry. The man of God is not always in spirit, but having the anointing upon him, he can pronounce the blessing, and the blessed one sees fulfilled in him what Heaven has prepared for his life. Who understands the mysteries of the Almighty?

For Hannah, the important thing was to see God work in her. Her prayer without sound, but full of faith and courage, caught the attention of the one who was the divine representative in those days on Earth. The servants of the Most High will always be honored in their obedience to Him, so everyone must be consecrated to the ministry of the Word and aware of their position in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord knew everything and it was He who led Hannah to pray that way. Obey His touch!

In that act of Elkanah’s beloved, mankind would be blessed. Likewise, our submission to God will lead us to be responsible for many lives that will come into the world to fulfill part of the Most High’s eternal plan. Therefore, never discriminate against anyone or fail to answer anyone, for in the past, some have unknowingly hosted angels (Hebrews 13.2). Obey every divine command. Watch and pray!

Before being seen by the priest, Hannah wept a lot. During the hours of weeping before the altar of the Lord, we see how much it is worth opening ourselves to Him. Hezekiah received a death sentence from the prophet Isaiah, but the king of Judah confessed his sins and was blessed (Isaiah 38.3). God will never forsake a contrite heart (Psalm 51.17). Trust in Him and be happy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of those who seek You! Hannah understood that her problem would be solved, before You and by You. She followed Your touch and entered the sanctuary, pouring herself out to the point of being considered drunk. Yes, she was drunken by Your Spirit, and because of this, she was seen and answered!

May we also have this gift: to express ourselves in Your august presence and to be helped at the right time. Today, before You, we open our soul and our heart. We no longer want to be an embarrassment in the midst of people!

Hear us, Father! We speak from our hearts to Your heart. Help us to get what is rightfully ours: forgiveness for sins, healing for hurts and pains, and the pleasure of being used in Your work. We desire to be blessings. Amen!



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