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14/07/2022 - TAKING ROOTS

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Those who come He shall cause to take root in Jacob; Israel shall blossom and bud, And fill the face of the world with fruit.   Isaiah 27.6

This is a special time, in which the Church must put down roots, like the cedar of Lebanon, and embrace the rock, never to be uprooted. Then comes youth, a time to blossom and sprout as the House of God. Only the Lord knows how deep the roots have to penetrate the earth, for they need to stand firm in the trials to come. To the House of the Lord will run those who conclude that it is the only place of escape in all the Earth, in order to take shelter from the evils of Hell. Believe in order to escape them!

After we have the structure to withstand the great future growth of the heavenly work, the people will seek that refuge, where the devil will never be able to operate. Whoever is alive in those days – will see God’s power being increased for the faithful servant. The pseudo-Christians will yield to temptations and make deals with the enemy. In these days, it will be shown who belongs to the Lord and who does not believe in Him (1 Peter 4.12-14). Watch and pray!

The Church must sprout everywhere to be the Lord´s vineyard and go all the way, as the Scriptures say. The expected flowering will be through the love of those saved by the Truth, leading millions of people to be converted and live under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalms 91.1). The good fruits produced will be worth the suffering of those days, for never ceasing to honor and praise the Savior. Beautiful times await the Church!

After the roots are planted, people who have had a real encounter with God will emerge. Then we will see thousands accepting Jesus and going out to preach, with such naturalness, the same message of Christ proclaimed during His days here (John 14.12). The deeds of Christ will be accomplished again. The dead will resurrect, and the lost will appear in numbers to learn the meaning of being changed from Jacob to Israel.

As the Israel of God flourishes, the Lord will be highly glorified. Honest religious people will come to Jesus in order to receive salvation, healing, and the other operations of the Kingdom of Heaven, but the person who pretends to be God’s agent will be put to shame. The Church will fill the face of the world with the fruit of the Truth (Habakkuk 2.14). Then the following promise will be fulfilled: whoever believes will experience the result of pure, simple and complete faith in Jesus.

Be part of this unparallel move of the Most High, when the borders of the countries will be opened to those who know the God of Israel, who, one day, when  He met the supplanter and fought with him, made him a prince, for he prevailed. There will be no place for false Christians before the Almighty: Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies (Psalms 108.13). Get ready to be used by Him!

The Father expects those enlightened by the Word to participate in this prophecy. Every work done within the divine will pays off. Whoever follows the determinations of the Lord will be received with endless joy. Every operation carried out in the Name of Jesus will produce such a great reward, that we will feel eternally fulfilled.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the holy roots! We have everything to fulfill Your plan. With Your Holy Spirit over our lives, we will simply produce good results. The Church of Christ needs to take roots. Then Your work will develop as You have planned!

May these days come that we may see Your vineyard flourishing and bearing fruit in every part of the planet. We want to be instruments in Your hands always, for Your holy and powerful will must be accomplished in our days. As for the future, You will help us!

Blessed are the eyes that will see the Church fill the four corners of the globe with good fruits, which will be appreciated by the multitude of the last days. Why walk far from Your will, when we can be Your instruments and witnesses to Your power!


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