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I will go into Your house with burnt offerings; I will pay You my vows. Psalm 66:13

After going through a trial, it is necessary to enter the house of God and renew your faith and your contact with Him.  No doubt, having approved you, the Lord will give you what was promised; after all, He tested you to become a living epistle of Christ; not written with ink but with the Spirit of God (2 Corinthians 3:3).  If you did not succeed on being tried, repent and be prepared, for He will give you another chance.  Then be alert not to fail again.

The bad things that have happened to you, the fake friends and the rejection from those who should love you testify that the moment is serious and God expects that you will not disappoint Him, but will overcome and defeat the proposals of the devil.  The Lord knows how to prepare those that will serve Him in a complete way, doing the same works that Jesus would do if He were in their place.  Don’t, then, turn against the Most High; seek His direction and guidance to win!

When the trial is over, enter the house of God – as is understood in the Scriptures – with burned offerings, and there you will find the Lord.  In the past, this practice involved sacrificial lambs or bulls to be offered to Him.  However, nowadays, a sincere expression of gratefulness and whatever else He leads you to do in favor of His work will make it so that you please Him. Be thankful to the Father and at the same time, plant something in His Kingdom and be led and guided by the Holy Spirit!

God does not forget what you have done for Him from your heart, and this becomes a kind of eternal memorial in His presence.  Whenever you are in need of something, enter into prayer with faith and confidence, for the Lord never forgets your burned offering.  After passing the test, direct yourself to the Father and place your request and state how happy you are for His works in your life. Then take up your position as a righteous one and determine your blessing.

Don’t stay on the outside of God’s house, shouting or at the door like a beggar.  Confidently, go before Him and with faith and determination demand: “Force of evil that attacks me, leave now in the Name of Jesus”. Those that passed the test without falling are approved and will be used by Him who never lies or hides anything good from those who walk the straight path (Psalm 84:11).  Your time for victory is now.

Always pay your vows: whether a promised offer or even the consecration of your life.  God never forgets anything that we say to Him, nor what He said to us. When you do this, you will discover that He has already fulfilled His promises.  To walk with God is a relationship of love, and those that love Him do not bow to the devil. The children of the Most High are victorious in everything, as long as they are not swayed or drawn to the enemy. Be ever faithful!

Obey divine orders, for when the Lord gives you a mission, He has gone on ahead to fulfill it. However, if you lose faith or have any other negative feeling, you will falter in God’s plan.  When Peter was walking on water, he trusted in the word of the Lord which made Jesus very happy, as he went in His direction; but the minute he took his eyes off Jesus the apostle was reprimanded (Matthew 14:25-31)

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of vows! Now that we have passed the trials and tests, we enter into Your house with a joyful heart and ready to obey You sweet desire. Thank You for allowing us to use Your Name and to enter where You are. Halleluiah!

You warn us in Your Word not to be fools to the point of promising You a vow.  We must only promise if we have Your direction, for it is not good to refuse to do what You order.

We want to take our place in abundance that You prepared for us and walk in Your light.  Accept what we have vowed, for these burned offerings are from our heart.  That they may remain as an eternal memorial before You. Amen!


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