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“Ho! Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters; And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Isaiah 55:1

Isaiah is used to speak to the thirsty that the invitation to come to the Waters has been pronounced; therefore, one needs to read the Bible until you feel that God is talking to you.  After this, one needs only to “drink” the revelation that is received.  Those who thirst for Truth may satisfy their thirst when they so desire.  In truth, this is the Most High´s desire for all of His children.  This way, keep this declaration to heart and use it every time you so want to.  Why not now?

In the same way that natural water quenches our thirst, the inspired Word was given us to supply our need for Truth. It is like the water that cleanses us from all filth and evil, and takes us back to the presence of God and reinvigorates us.  According to Jesus, the water that He gives us springs from a fountain within us which flows throughout eternity (John 4:14). This means that the revelation transforms us now and makes us worthy to go with Christ to Heaven on His second coming. 

This invitation has a precondition: the person has to thirst.  Those who thirst for Truth are the only ones to receive faith; only this way can they be completely satisfied.  The lost do not understand why we do not attend plays, are not impressed with the music of good singers, and keep no interest in secular literature.  We behave in this way because the soul that is satisfied by the Word does not seek anything in broken cisterns that can hold no water (Jeremiah 2:13).  Halleluiah!

The prophet speaks of the act of buying, for this gives the one who pays for the goods the right to acquire it. Even when free, when money is not used, but only faith, you must obtain that which you “paid” for.  Therefore, see all your needs and with all your heart seek to receive all that the Lord has given you.  Besides, do not forget to teach this to as many as you can.  We are blessed so that we can be blessings and bless.

The potential buyers of the Water of Life must go to the Waters – the preaching of the Word – in the move of the Spirit of God, when the pastors are used by the Most High in churches.  Nowadays, where only stories are told, alluding to lessons of the philosophers and the wise of the world, the people cannot obtain this valuable “merchandise”.  Without the inspired Water of Life, the revealed prophecy of Truth, the people are corrupted.  Mercy!

Worthy to point out: the invitation is extended to those who have no money or faith.  In God, there are so many blessings, that people can go to Him even without faith, because in little or no time they will receive this gift which will highly bless  them.  The Gospel revealed the divine will with such great simplicity, that all may receive the necessary light to become true victors.  We live the period of grace, when goodness is destined for all.

According to the verse, buy without money and eat without paying.  In God’s Kingdom, the gifts have no cost and no money is exchanged.  In truth, nothing has a price.  There is, however, the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ – which cleanses us from all our sins and regenerates our soul -, and “milk”, the nourishment for the newly born which is freely given. So then, buy without money!  What will you do?

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Father, the One who satisfies the thirsty! Walking through the desert of the world, we become avid for the Truth.  Even where there should be nothing wrong, there are deceivers fooling simple people.  We cannot let this error blind us. 

We are here authorized by Your honorable invitation to drink of the Water of Life.  Therefore, we open our hearts to this Water that cleanses us from all sin.  We have no money to pay for it, but You tell us it is all for free.  Halleluiah!

You give us all that we need, although, many times, we do not even know it. We want to buy that which can lift us, lending us power and direction to lay hold of our inheritance.  We want to honor You as our Father.  Amen!


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