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And when they heard that, they entered the temple early in the morning and taught. But the high priest and those with him came and called the council together, with all the elders of the children of Israel, and sent to the prison to have them brought.  Acts 5.21

The priests had the apostles locked up in the public jail, because they didn’t want anyone to tell the people about Jesus. During the night, despite the presence of the guards guarding the prison door, an angel of God came, freed the disciples and told them to go to the temple to teach the Word, and they obeyed him. The work must go on!

The high priest and the people with him, who agreed to the arrest of the apostles, were astonished. Those who went to the prison to see them were shocked, because the entrance to that place was closed with the guards outside. Inside, however, there was no one. The authorities didn’t know how to proceed, for this was the work of God. Why didn’t they repent? Mercy!

As soon as the temple was opened, the disciples were there preaching the Gospel. Those who arrived there were pleasantly surprised and took the opportunity to get to know the Lord more. The priests were amazed, but they continued in their stubbornness. He who sees God at work has two decisions to make: be satisfied with listening or repent and become a disciple of Christ!

Why does anyone resist to conform to God’s will, if the saved can win any battle? Those who don’t listen to the Lord lose their turn to be delivered from the powers of darkness. Some are so dominated by the devil that they take pleasure in telling of their shameful practices (Ephesians 5.12).  Only by learning from the Master can we lead them to deliverance!

Why does the ungodly feel good about sinning? Those who live in error know: sooner or later, their time to depart toward eternal damnation will come. However, some think that God will not be so severe and will give them one last chance in the future. Why be wrong when you can be free from condemnation and evil forces? Get right with the Lord now!

For the religious, that would be the day of the destruction of the divine work. Then, the “powerful” were summoned, in order to give their verdict. Before they ordered the followers of the Nazarene to be brought to them, they must have come together in agreement to put an end to that “strange” but powerful doctrine. Fools!

These self-declared authorities acted like corrupt people pretending to be honest. God knows how to conduct His work in a phenomenal way. Be faithful and let Him show you the Way!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of beautiful surprises! It would have been nice if the expression of those who thought they were authorities over Your will had been filmed, because they turned pale when they heard what happened in prison. Now, they never had news like that!

We know that You are ready to work wonders all over the planet. In fact, just one person healed in our meetings is enough to make sinners stop going astray and turn to You. We praise Your Name!

Visit Your Church scattered over the face of the Earth, leading Your people to be ready and stand firm so that You act as You wish. Look at those who don’t understand Your work. Give them the chance to surrender to Christ and be blessed!


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