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And when they came back to him, for he had stayed in Jericho, he said to them, “Did I not say to you, ‘Do not go’?”   2 Kings 2.18

The insistence of the sons of the prophets to send 50 men to look for Elijah did not come from Elisha. On the contrary, he told them not to go. It would have been good if they had not persisted with such request, because it seemed as if they did not trust the Lord’s ability to do all things. Why would God put Elijah on a hill or in a valley if he was going to rapture him? The Lord’s plan is always the best!

The brave men returned after three days without finding the prophet. This shows the immaturity of those who had not learned the lesson accordingly. It is a good thing to do the will of God as expressed in His Word. Because He has foreknowledge, the Most High has placed in the Scriptures all the necessary guidance until the end of our lives. Failure to read and meditate on them will make you lose the heavenly Father’s guidance.

The sons of the prophets were submissive up to a point. By asking again for the mighty men to be sent, they showed no willingness to obey the Lord. Why did they want to seek whom God had snatched away? Did they not believe when they were told that the Most High would raise Elijah over Elisha’s head? The good thing is that they went back to the new prophet, who told them about their foolish request. Leave the decision in the hands of the Lord’s servant.

The request of those apprentices shows that they did not understand what they were doing. Perhaps to teach them another lesson, Elisha decided to stay in Jericho, because they would surely make other unreasonable requests. Their stubbornness proved that they were still quite immature, and that had to be put right. So, with a wise statement, Elisha made them see the mistake they had made, classifying it as disobedience. Never tempt the leader, but pray!

The next time the new prophet spoke, they were to obey, accepting the decision he had made. God’s work would do much better if there were not so many people trying to have their say. In politics, this happens, but this cannot happen in church. The Almighty says of Himself: I am the LORD; that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to carved images (Isaiah 42:8). To obey is to live by faith!

From then on, they would be wiser when addressing the man of God, for the anointing was upon him. In those days, the prophet represented the Most High; today, that is the mission of the Scriptures. You must learn to act according to the Word, giving God the true place in your life: that of Lord. He understands everything and does that which is necessary. With Him in charge, no word will return void (Isaiah 55:11).

Beware of those who claim to be leaders! If you follow them, it will confirm that a blind man cannot lead another blind man (Luke 6:39). They did not hear the Lord through Elisha and were completely frustrated. Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak (James 1.19). The sons of the prophets decided to act as they wished and achieved nothing. God’s judgments stand forever (Psalm 111.7,8).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Absolute Lord! The prophet Elisha represented You before Israel, and You guided him in every situation. This was also true of Your Son, who said that He only did what he saw You do and heard from You. We need to do the same these days!

You are Lord,  Sovereign, and we are poor beings who need to listen to You at all times, lest we take the path of folly. Your work declares who You are and teaches us what You wish to accomplish on our behalf. Thank You for loving us!

May we never be unruly; otherwise, we will spend strength and resources, and come back empty-handed. Therefore, we cry out for Your precious help. Then we will be able to do good. We want to learn more from You so that we can make fewer mistakes. Amen!


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