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“The bows of the mighty men are broken, And those who stumbled are girded with strength. 1 Samuel 2:4

Let’s recall that, in verse 3, Ana said that lying words – religious teachings – don’t solve problems, but they make them worse. She felt how much it hurts to be certain of the doctrine of her religion; after all, not only did he sympathize with her, but he also practiced it. However, nothing good happened to him.

The situation of humanity after the fall in the garden of Eden was disastrous. At that time, whoever was prepared to reign in material life became a slave to those who had been expelled from Heaven, in Satan’s revolt against the Lord. But the Almighty would not let it stay that way. Now, no one can intervene in divine plans, twisting them and oppressing God’s partners.

There was too much a price to pay. However, the Lord did not hesitate to pay him, because he wanted the man to be free. Fights between religions have driven many people away from God. As a result, those who suffer are those who do not know their position in relation to all things. Jesus’ command to the disciples was: Go into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature (Mk 16.15). After all, He undid Adam’s act, and everyone can be set free today.

Satan armed his demons with Adam’s stolen authority, but Christ, when he died for our sins, descended into Hell and overcame the devil’s power, stripping him, as well as his demons, of the prerogative of oppressing human beings. The fallen beings were warriors of the evil one, but their bows were broken. Now, the devil can no longer shoot his arrows at those who hear the Gospel and believe in the Lord.

No bow in the hands of hellish forces can reach the children of God. Hallelujah! Now, even though we can breathe easy, we need to be vigilant. If we let sin enter our thoughts, we will cut ourselves off from the heavenly Father. Thus, the enemy will again hit us with his wickedness. Hannah spoke in prophecy about what Jesus would do for us, and we announce His deeds.

We were weak, dominated by transgression, but as we listen to the Lord who speaks to us through the Gospel, we are strengthened and enabled for every good work. The story is over that we have to suffer attacks from the enemy. The Word of God takes on Jesus’ absent place in our lives. By understanding the Scriptures, you get a true picture of the Lord and, therefore, you must assume and live his blessing.

Whoever listens to the Almighty receives the spiritual weapons and the weak becomes strong. The person who surrenders to sin, on the other hand, leaves the Omnipotent and returns to the opponent’s clutches. So, in order not to be destroyed, she has to confess her mistake and abandon it. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone; now return to God with sincere repentance and compose yourself against those who have made mistakes. Do your part!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Sad would be our position before You, if Jesus had not come and paid our price. We arrived to say that it was good to hear the Gospel and believe what You say, because we are free!

Ana fought for her right in Your Word. Here is the promise: there would be no abortion or barren on earth. However, she did not have children. Why did You make her a woman, if not to give her an inheritance? She understood, pleaded and won!

The warriors of Hell are powerless over the saved, because their bow has been broken. But many members of Your Body live in oppression. Give them the liberation accomplished, and thus the weak will be empowered with Your strength. Amen!


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