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My righteousness is near, my salvation has gone forth, and My arms will judge the peoples; The coastlands will wait upon Me, And on My arm they will trust. Isaiah 51.5

The story of the Jews is similar to that of the people who believe in Jesus, for when the saved faces problems, it can be said they have strayed from the Way. Because of this separation, the forces of evil are able to touch him. The 70 years of captivity that the Israelites went through in Babylon symbolize the Christian’s path, who, by not watching, falls into transgression. Even a glance can take us out of God’s presence (Matthew 5.28).

The anointing remained on the prophet Isaiah, who realized the future consequences faced by the captives. Revelation came into his heart, saying that God’s justice was at hand. This declaration delighted them, after all they saw no way out of that scenario. They wanted to be free again, which is the desire of those who sin. The Word said: My righteousness is near. It has already come; now, it’s only up to us to operate it.

The divine deliverance much-dreamed was coming for them, and like all the Lord’s work, there would be no need to fight or rebel against the oppressors. For those who did not understand God’s way, this was a dream or a daydream. Likewise, we are set free only by having faith. When we let the Almighty act for us, the impossible becomes possible, and no one suffers for believing.

Healing, the solution of difficult marital problems, and prosperity come in such a beautiful and blessed way that no one can believe it. This is God’s command: The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace (Exodus 14.14). Man cooperates with the Most High when he abandons his own arguments, but frustrates Him when he acts according to his own heart full of impure desires. Convert!

The arms of God are His power to act within storms, volcanoes, and wars, which decimate armies on both sides. When we silence the arguments placed by the enemy in our minds and take up the Word, we give God the conditions to fulfill His promises guaranteed in the Scriptures. The saved must do as servants do when faced with the orders of their masters: fulfill them without questioning them!

The coastlands mentioned in the verse are clusters of people in a nation, which are distinguished by a common belief: the Lord. Many believe in Him, but are unaware of His full will and how to appropriate of His deeds. There are also coastlands within the most various denominations: Christians who await the manifestation of the divine arm. Therefore, we must dedicate ourselves to prayer and to the Word. We will be rewarded or we will be fined!

Humanity is waiting for the manifestation of those who believe that the time for miracles has not yet finished. Knowing this, our responsibility increases. For this reason, we must consecrate ourselves so that the divine will is fully executed as the Gospel declares. God will repay everyone who helps the needy.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our deliverance! We can count on Your arm, which, by the way, is Your power in action. We need to be Your instruments, just as the Lord Jesus was. The suffering of the lost is great!

We know that Your righteousness is near, but we don't know how to use it or be used by it. So, we come to You to ask You to instruct us, to teach us to walk in Your ways, to be guided by Your eyes. We pray in Jesus' Name!

Your salvation has already been won, but many have not yet awakened to this glorious fact. Now, knowing that Your arms will judge the world to give victory to the oppressed, use us for the glory of Your most holy and powerful Name. The coastlands are ready to hear You!


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