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For all the gods of the peoples are idols, But the Lord made the heavens. Palm 96:5

The comparison made by the person used to write this Psalm is true and useful, because it makes us understand that only the Lord is God. In fact, if the Most High had not revealed Himself in Scripture, how would man know Who He is? The servants of God have the task of teaching others about the Creator, of man´s lost status, and point the way back to the presence of the Father.

Since the beginning of creation, after sin manifested in the garden of Eden, the Lord has made man understand that there is no other being who can compete with Him. The devil even wants to do that, but will never be able to challenge Him. The creation simply cannot come close to the Creator, even if it struggles. The Lord is complete and perfect. Hallelujah!

In his pride, man seeks to have a god of his own, creating several beings who cannot withstand the slightest confrontation with the Truth. Those who indulge in this will pay a very high price on the Day of reckoning, because, with their evil inventions, they have led millions of unwary to iniquity. Jesus said: “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31b, 32). Our goal is to know the Lord!

Humanity has been preserved from people who have shady purposes in relation to faith and, with this, intend to perpetuate themselves in power and dominate the weak. This is bad in every aspect. It is good to do good, leading the lost to get right with God. Now, Jesus has already paid the price for everyone’s remission. Cooperate so that the wicked have an encounter with the heavenly Father!

We do not have to wait for Christ’s return to discern the authentic God from the false. With the breath of His mouth, the Lord will consume the wicked (2 Thessalonians 2:8). Now is the time to come to know the real one. The Son of God said that He set an example for us; so we can do the same. Today, those who believe in Him can heal the sick, cast out demons and deliver the oppressed. Just believe!

There is only one way for someone to resist the devil: by examining the Word of God. Those who do not have time to seek it will find time to live the endless lie and suffering. It doesn’t matter who you are; step down from the false levels of ideologies and establish yourself on the Lord. From the beginning, He has revealed Himself through the Scriptures, which are the sure way to find Him.

The answer to the questions of the afflicted is to seek the Creator in His Manual for life: the Holy Bible. Whoever does not meditate on it will never find the Truth. He who lets himself be deceived by the evil one is responsible for his perdition and that of the others who also stood by deceit. Do the right thing!

In Christ, with Lord,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, Creator of everything! The world of perfection and love exists because of You. In creating all things, You had in mind a pure and wonderful plan, which will be fulfilled in the life of those who seek You.

We want to know more and more what You reveal in the Holy Book. Thus, we are at Your feet! Instruct us in Your Way; so we will do your will and walk in your light. May You be glorified with our life!

We only want Your presence, Father. The feeling that You exist and that it is possible to live next to You is present in our hearts.  Therefore, let us know You as the one and true God. Amen!


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