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In that day I will perform against Eli all that I have spoken concerning his house, from beginning to end. 1 Samuel 3:12

Many who were saved and worked in God’s plan in exemplary fashion permitted themselves to be used by the devil.  This is why they no longer felt the presence of God and did not seek Him any longer.  Some no longer wanted to commune withWho is the Truth, considering that what they heard concerning Him was a lie.  Wonder if they believe that one day they will be before the Judge of the Universe?  Mercy!

The devil strives all sorts of way to remove the saved from faith in Jesus.  This is the only means he has to interfere in the lives of those who stray. The plan of the demons is to take those already consecrated to God to cool down their faith so much that we would probably say that they never knew the Lord.  The servants of the Almighty who want to work for Him will have a large field of work because the devil is everywhere.

One must constantly keep watch so that the devil does not disturb.  Even being an active member of a good church for many years, never let down on your faith, your morals, your customs; otherwise, you will give way to the enemy to act in your life.  When you say that a sin is “not that big a sin” as the Bible says and that you have to enjoy life that most people enjoy, pray because this is a sign that the devil has you hooked.

Eli the priest had a wonderful Family.  Certainly, when his children were born, he gave glory to God and took pleasure in seeing them grow up, imitating their father in his obligations as priest.  As he saw them pray he probably was taken by emotion.  When they served as priests, Eli did not oversee them.  Having heard that they were doing well he did not reprimand them.  Then the Lord sent a prophet to say that a tragedy would occur in his house.

The incident with the house of Eli is one of the saddest episodes ever seen in Israel and serves as an example for those who carry out the mission of father in a liberal or relaxed way.  Those that believe that their house will be saved must keep vigil that nobody is lost. Why believe that God will not be so rigorous on the Day of Reckoning with His people if He is with all the others?  Beware of the devil because he never takes a break.

The Most High will deal severely with those who close their eyes not to see someone’s error, especially their own, and with the saved or the lost who commit any error.  The judgment will begin with the house of God.  Why life as if the Lord were the man that lies or the son of the man that repents? Today he is our Advocate (1 John 2:1), but tomorrow He will be our Judge. (Acts 10:42)

When he was admonished, Eli should have reprimanded his sons and put his house in order, but he disregarded and paid no attention to what was told to him.  Consider yourself warned and go into the presence of God to solve your problems this moment.  If you neglect the direction of the Lord, tomorrow may be too late to rid yourself of the sentence pronounced with respect to you.

In Christ, with Love

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We must never neglect or disregard Your instructions.  If You are the only God in all the Universe, we do not have to hold You in suspicion or think that You will repent from doing what You promised. 

We must live in holiness, for without it we will never see Your promises fulfilled.  The lake of fire and brimstone is real, and whoever is not straight with You here will march toward destruction.

When You start your work, You finish it fully.  We need wisdom to speak the truth as it is.  This way we will be prepared to enter Your sweet Kingdom.  Amen!


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