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I will go to the great men and speak to them, For they have known the way of the Lord, The judgment of their God.” But these have altogether broken the yoke And burst the bonds. Jeremiah 5:5

Knowing what will happen in eternity to those who do not live in communion with God and to those who turn away from the Lord, Jeremiah offered to go to the great people of his nation and speak with them. In doing so, the attention the prophet received was the worst possible. Even so, he insisted several times and was always rejected, to the point of being thrown into the dungeon, at the risk of dying.

Jeremiah was not offended by the godless attitude of the chieftains, but he fought desperately to be heard. However, no one paid any attention to the truth revealed by him. Some even accused him of being a traitor for saying that the king of Babylon would destroy Israel. The sin-hardened people do not listen. However, times are different, and the message is also different.

In fact, our enemy lost the battle, because Jesus went to his “home” (Ephesians 4: 9) and won him, taking away the keys of death and hell. Satan and his demons have been overcome. Wherever God sends us, we can be sure that signs and wonders performed by us, in the Name of Jesus, will bear witness to the powerful message of the Gospel. Unfortunately, many will resist and will not be saved.

When those who know the Way depart from it, they face hard trials. No matter how much someone insists that they humble themselves before God and return to seek the Lord, many will not do so. However, the poor in spirit, who pay a tremendous price due to the devil’s oppression, will bow to the Creator asking for mercy. With divine anointing, we will do feats!

The prophet witnessed the people’s rejection of the Lord, for they broke the yoke and broke the bandage. After a few years, the prophecies revealed by Jeremiah were fulfilled, and those important men saw how much their attitude cost, as their children were taken to Babylon in order to be eunuchs there. For 70 years, they have seen how much rebellion against divine will costs. Even today, many people experience hardship because they do not seek the face of the Most High.

The disobedient, when they see themselves in the great lake of fire and sulfur for all eternity, will cry out for help, but this will not be given to them, as happened to the rich man in the parable told by Jesus (Lk 16: 19-31). Many of the people of the house of the Lord are sinning on the sly, thinking that, in their case, it will not be taken into account and will be spared.

Jeremiah’s frustration is narrated in the book of Lamentations. Be wise, seek the Lord sincerely, and speak of your life. Propose to change, from now on, or later it will be too late. God truly loves you and will answer you if you cry out to Him.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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All-seeing God! Jeremiah proved that it is no use for man to plan to go to the great, if that order does not come from Heaven. Nothing from man is accepted by You, but whoever follows Your direction is successful.

Whoever has departed from You knows Your Way, but does not pay attention to the Word and, in this way, strides towards eternal destruction. Such an individual will also lead those in his household into darkness. It’s a pity!

Anyone who breaks the bonds of God's love is not well, because he let himself be bewitched by the enemy. What is the reason for breaking the yoke of Your love, if we are to be under the soft yoke and light burden? Have Mercy!


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