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Ephraim shall say, ‘What have I to do anymore with idols?’ I have heard and observed him. I am like a green cypress tree; Your fruit is found in Me.  Hosea 14.8

Hosea’s message was addressed to Ephraim, the Northern Kingdom, which was also called Israel, not to disappoint the Lord, but to convert. Its inhabitants had to come to the conclusion that idols would do nothing on their behalf, nor could they have anything to do with these hellish simulacra. Not even the prophet, or the most gullible person in those days, saw Samaria repent. The fate of those who do not repent will be sad, for they will be tormented day and night (Revelation 14.11; 20.10). Surrender yourself to Jesus!

Look at the sin that traps you, causing you to turn away from the Word and act without any judgment. Error makes you ask yourself, “What’s in it for me? Now, putting your faith in God is the wisest thing to do. Time and again in the Bible it is said that the Lord abhors idolatry, rejects witchcraft and any spiritual involvement in which the devil is worshipped (Revelation 21.8). Don’t play with the Truth; if you do, you will never be found innocent. Watch and pray!

How many times, even far from God, have you asked for a chance to stay alive and when you saw the danger go away, you forgot what you promised? Acknowledge that the Lord answered your prayer and gave you a chance to love Him. Get out of the way of no return! If the Most High slams the hammer, your happiness here and hereafter will be over. To turn to your Creator in repentance and faith is your most beautiful act.

The Lord took care of you before your conception. Do not try to see what will not be shown to you now, but on Judgment, therefore, prepare yourself for that day. If you leave your decision for later, you will regret it, for it will be late. Understand that today is the day of your visitation (Hebrews 3:12-15). God’s love has brought you to this point, and your evil deeds must be stopped from now on. Enter into the Covenant made by Jesus on the cross!

God hears what you say to yourself and considers your words – He accepts them. Your heavenly Father has seen your good desire, but you lack the knowledge of the Truth to draw near to the One who formed you from the dust of the earth. He has a steadfast and beautiful purpose for you here and in eternity next to Him. However, you must learn the way to please Him and make Him your Lord (Proverbs 3.1-10). Learn about God’s plan for your life.

In ancient Israel, the green pine tree symbolized healing, eternal life. These long trees endure harsh climates and live in poor soils. This is how the Lord said that Israel would live, but the people did not understand, and by continuing to sin, they were decimated. Nothing would harm them if they turned to the Most High, but because they thought they were wise and powerful, they could not resist the attack of the Assyrians. Return to God now!

The blessing experienced by the Israelites did not come from idols, to which the surrounding peoples offered children in order to have good harvests. God wants to help you and change your life, so that you will take the place determined by Him even before creation. The Father is good and wants to make you an example for people to convert too. Love the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Pine! It doesn't matter what people think or do, but what You want to do for the people on Earth. The world is facing serious crises, and this torments us. We do not understand why the wicked continue to oppress the weak!

Poor Samaria! Its inhabitants gave themselves so much to the evil one, that they could not turn around and hide from the ravager. They were like drunks, unable to stay away from the liquor or the tempter. Help those oppressed, Father! 

Look at those who perish without Christ! According to Your Word, they will not be able to leave the paths of evil. Even if they try to draw near to You, it will be useless without Your help. We ask for mercy for those who cry to You for help. Amen!


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