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The fool folds his hands And consumes his own flesh. Ecclesiastes 4:5

Humanity is divided into two main groups: the saved and the lost. Hopefully there are only wise people among the saved, but, according to Jesus, there are also fools, those who don´t submit to the Word of God. Now, at all times, either we are building our lives on the good foundation or we aren´t (Matthew 7:24-27). Nothing happens by chance, but those who are firmly established will not fall even during the worst trials.

It´s obvious that the heavenly Father would not like to see any of His children acting foolishly, because He rejoices with the wise (Proverbs 23:15). Therefore, whoever uses the wisdom from on High will gladden the Lord. If you do not have this trait ask the Most High for it, for He liberally grants it (James 1:5). We have to be victorious, and not complain about situations like the world does.

Crossing your arms is believing the evil lie that we cannot get rid of the problems or political oppression imposed by the government. Now, whoever has the God of Heaven guiding his life, if necessary, will be sent to some brook to be fed by the ravens, as it was with Elijah, and will not face hardships (1 Kings 17:1-4).

David said he faced great difficulty when making the wrong decision. Then he found himself in trouble for not having prayed. If he had remained silent, the situation would have worsened (Psalm 39:1-3). Probably many need to study this Psalm and see if they are going through something similar. The right thing is to declare the Word!

Whoever sees the fool full of difficulties, taken by all kinds of bad things, notices that he has crossed his arms – and does not strive to get out of that situation. Those whose lives are led by the devil must wake up; otherwise, they will soon be underground, buried with their dreams and their self-righteousness. In people who call themselves wise, stupidity has taken the place of the Almighty. Uncross your arms!

You are eating your flesh, not Jesus’. His meat is real food, yours is useless. Of course I’m talking about the Bible and its wisdom, which edify´s ones life, unlike mine and that of others. People who feed on Christ are never involved in the plans of the evil one, but are filled with the Holy Spirit. Have you been a servant of God or of the enemy?

Whoever is a fool is full of reasons that others do not notice; those who serve God are filled with divine fear and live at His feet. Those who cross their arms prevent the Lord’s operations, for they feed on themselves. Before it’s too late, wake up and take the stand that pleases Heaven and disrupts Hell, saying, “God is the Truth.”

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Those who never search the Scriptures do not have the strength to put an end to the adversary's operations, which lead them to the path of death. However, those who feed on Jesus walk the paths of life and are guided by Your gaze.

Thank You for giving us to eat from You. Thus, we will have life and strength to do Your work well. We do not want to fold our arms and eat our flesh, but that of Your Son. Thus, we can make You rejoice.

Why do we believe in man, if his justice is like filthy rags? We want Your justice, Your grace, Your Spirit and favor. Our battle is against the powers of Hell, and we will defeat them using Your Name. Amen!


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