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And when they saw Him walking on the sea, they supposed it was a ghost, and cried out. Mark 6:49

Jesus did the right thing by compelling the disciples to get on the boat and go to Bethsaida, for because He knows everything, the presence of one who is not well with God would keep Him from praying for as many hours as He did. When we are well with the Lord, the hellish forces is tied and cast out the moment it appears. Whatever the devil does or threatens to do must soon be undone in the Name of Jesus. We got the power!

On another occasion, when He went to meet the Father, Moses and Elijah on the mountain where He was transfigured, the Master took three of His disciples, but they did not understand what was going on there. Before the revelation of the glory of God, they desired to make three tabernacles, in order to shelter the Lord and those two servants who were already in Heaven, but came to Him. It is good to remain quiet before the Father and only speak what is necessary!

On another occasion, when the Samaritans refused to receive Jesus and those who were with Him, for their clothes showed that they were going to Jerusalem, James and John were so infuriated that they asked the Master whether He wanted them to send down fire from the heavens, in order to consume the Samaritans, because they refused to give them shelter. The Master’s response was quite different from what they expected (Luke 9:55:56).

If we remain steadfast in the faith, we will never speak meaningless words. It is easy for fire to come down from the heavens, command a miracle to take place, and cast out devils. However, we should not create negative and diabolical doctrines, which can lead people to make mistakes. Without Jesus, we can do nothing (John 15: 5), but with Him we will perform wonders and bring many to salvation.

Once He saw that the disciples could not sail to Bethsaida, the Master came to them and wanted to go before them. Those men must have been tired due to all their effort and no result. Then, when they saw Him walking on the waters, they were terrified and shouted, thinking that it was a ghost! Notice how emotional they were: to confuse the Master with something a ghost. You only win when using faith!

Remain unwavering with the Most High, and you will be capable of amazing attitudes. That which you need to become victorious is found in the faith you received by hearing the Word of God. When using the Name of Jesus, you will do the work as He did. Come on, get up from the chair of failure and be the person projected by the Lord. The world expects much more from you than you have done. Therefore, consecrate yourself to the Father and obey His will.

There are many teachings that we have to learn from Jesus, but, as He said, we are not yet able to receive them. The main thing now is to get right with Him, and your prayers will be answered. Whoever walks with God is more than a conqueror in everything. You will be what you say of yourself. Be what the Lord wants you to be!!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the perfect Walker in any situation! It is beautiful to see Your love working in favor of Your children, even though You allow some to face difficult situations, because they do not live steadfastly in the faith!

On that day, Your Son wanted to spend the night in prayer, but because the disciples were trembling in the faith, He had to force them to go to Bethsaida. Give us the conditions to live in You; thus, we will cross the sea with You!

Why don´t we have more of You, since everything has been given to us by Jesus? Now, Your authority is the same. We need to go as far as Jesus went in consecration and faith, so that You may be well represented. Help Us!


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