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And Your plunder shall be gathered Like the gathering of the caterpillar; As the running to and fro of locusts, He shall run upon them.  Isaiah 33:4

The Lord promised that His voice would be a deafening noise for the Assyrians. They went everywhere doing what they wanted – destroying lives and ending dreams – without giving anyone the slightest chance to live free. They dictated rules, and those who did not obey them were wiped out. Certainly, the Most High was comparing those wicked and wicked with the infernal kingdom that, one day, would end. This day has come! Blessed be God!

Our mission in the world is not to accumulate goods, but it has taken over our society. It seems that people are “sleeping” for the fact that they will have to answer for what they did in their life, whether badly or well, and what will they say? This moment will be very sad, as many will be condemned to spend eternity in the inextinguishable lake of sulfur and fire. Mercy Lord! Watch and pray!

Isaiah compared the fate of Hell with what happened to the Assyrians (whose empire ruled the world for tens of centuries, a period in which no one could resist them) and what Jesus would do (alone, would enter the realm of death and annihilate power of Satan). Christ has already accomplished His task; therefore, today, it is only a matter of preaching the Truth, so that all may be set free. We have a beautiful God!

The prophet saw a plantation devastated by locusts and caterpillars, relentless insects that eat everything. After passing through that place of prosperity, there was only misery and destruction. The kingdom of death would look like this after the work done by the Lord in that region. The evil spirits that acted like locusts and caterpillars would be stripped, and gone!

In nature, God left examples of what happens to man in the spirit world. One of them is the attack of the locusts. Some are lonely, but others move in clouds. There are an estimated 10 billion of these insects. In a matter of hours, they destroy entire crops, bankrupt the farmer. The onslaught of demons on men happens this way.

Never let anyone put in your head that the problem you are experiencing is normal. In fact, behind an abnormality, there is the hand of the evil one, which needs to be rebuked in the Name of Jesus. It is good to know that the Lord defeated him for us. The devil and his demons can no longer touch the saved. Rejoice with the divine promises, for they are your spoil!

Everyone should read the Bible daily with the intention of learning to end the evil ties in their lives. Everything that destroys, kills or steals is not natural, but the work of the devil (Jn 10.10). If you give your order, taking your position before God, you will be set free!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our plunder! How many statements have you made in the Scriptures! They are blessings given to those who love and obey You. Your words about us energize us and encourage us to continue.

It doesn't matter if the demons come in clouds, or if there is only one attacking us. Using the Name of Jesus, we will cast them out. Hell cannot win us, if we are in You and You in us.

Christ did everything that was to be done, and the evil one was defeated. Whoever has Your power is able to put an end to problems. In the Name of Jesus, all evil must come out. Amen!


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