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Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. Proverbs 26:27

With Christ, our road is plain. Nothing can make us stumble or fall, but when we sin, we dig a spiritual hole. Only with the help of our heavenly Father we can be rescued. To fall into the enemy’s hands is to be taken into captivity. However, the Lord is a strong Warrior. He fights for us!

Why lead others to perdition? When someone commits a mistake, they’re partnering with the devil, who will cause others to fall into the same pit. Besides the personal responsibility for doing something wrong, those who act that way will be held responsible for others who were harmed. Jesus spoke about those who cause scandals, saying: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2).

We can’t alter Biblical doctrine, thinking that God accepts our failures and understands our persistence in sinning. The worst thing someone can do is to fool others, creating holes that never existed before. The Master will separate the good from the wicked (Matthew 25:32-34)! The saving work of Jesus is complete!

Ask God to cover all the pits you have dug or the ones you fell into. If anyone has anything against you, make things right with them (Matthew 5:23-26). It is foolish to believe that on Judgement Day, those who plot evil won’t be punished severely. The Word says exactly the opposite. Don’t partner with the devil!

Everything the Lord forbids is like a stone delimiting territories. Those who jump over the walls will suffer by their attitudes, and the tempter will use that to draw others away from the holy path. Woe to him through whom offenses come! (Luke 17:1). Let’s act in a righteous way and ask the Lord for mercy so we won’t make mistakes again. Do it now!

The stone will roll over those who remove it. Leave what God created where it should be, so you won’t be held responsible for somebody else’s life, someone who walked astray because of something you did. Don’t intervene in the Most High’s purposes, because that’s an unforgivable act of rebellion. Repent while there’s still time!

Be set free in Jesus! That way, He will fulfill His promise in your life. The Creator’s plan for your life is very great. You have already obtained victory when you surrendered your life to the Lord, becoming His property. The Redeemer doesn’t give up on us. In God, there are pleasures forevermore (Psalms 16:11).

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Merciful God! We don’t seek the rewards of the evildoers, but Your goodness over us. We come to You to supplicate: “Give us Your forgiveness and Your wonderful grace, which purifies us from all wickedness.” Hallelujah!

We will never dig pits on the path to Truth because we don’t want to fall into them, and we don’t want to lead other people to eternal destruction. We ask for Your help so we will act accordingly!

Why should we remove the stone that was placed under Your guidance, if You haven’t told us to do so? Hell isn’t happy that so many people are becoming believers. Satan wants humanity to get lost. Have mercy, Lord!


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