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Get out of the way, turn aside from the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us. Isaiah 30.11

It may be harsh, but I have observed this truth: Christians who leave the Lord become the worst among sinners, their new group of friends. Those who reject eternal life can only be confused, because the suffering of the unrepentant will last forever (Revelation 14.11). Although the saved will cry out day and night on behalf of someone who has departed without salvation, their intercessions will be in vain.

This happens for the following reason: when someone is converted, he leaves the old conscience and starts walking by faith. But if he loses his faith, the new conscience that kept him from making mistakes no longer exists for him. Then, being perverse, he is able to do anything without mercy. Woe to those who go astray, for they are on the road to perdition. They need prayer!

The deviant is like the prodigal son; he goes away from God in order to mingle with those who love sin, going out at night, without giving himself the chance to return (Luke 15.11-32). Only when he comes to his senses and sees how miserable he is, and how peaceful and prosperous his brothers are, can he wish to return to fellowship with the Lord. Why does anyone leave the Fountain of Living Waters? Be vigilant!

After sinning, one begins to stray from the path of life. Before, there were temptations and certain desires. God gives him time to get rid of this filthiness; however, since he is under the rule of darkness, he strays from the Way until he no longer wants to walk with the Most High.

Some even say that it is their problem if they go to Hell. As time goes by, they will feel they are in Satan’s hands. Seeing afflictions happening even to their family members, they will try to pray the prayer of faith. However, they will then rush back to the sea of filthiness where they feel good. They don’t even think about God anymore. If they die in this condition, they will go to the lake of fire and brimstone. They must be rescued, snatched out of the fire (Jude 24).

The Holy One of Israel, the Holy Spirit, is rejected. God’s touches are despised, and there are those who deny someone’s intercession. However, it is like young people who think they are masters of themselves and leave home to be in the midst of others who use drugs, living in prostitution and theft. Why would someone from a good family do such a thing? Because he has joined the devil, who has taken away his purity, respect and love!

This is our concern: to have the Almighty by our side, remaining in holiness and fear of Him. If we die before being reunited with the Lord, or if Jesus’ return comes before that reunion, the alternative will be to march towards Hell. Don’t sell yourself to the devil! You were born to be happy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, who loves us! Every day we want to make amends for our failures, confessing our mistakes and returning to fellowship with You. We thank You for keeping us on the path of life under Your protection!

We do not accept to turn away from Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In Him, there is everything we need to stand before You. Deliver us from the temptations and lies that the devil invents to drag us into his kingdom of death!

We ask You to stand before us, in order to protect us from the lures of the enemy. Lord, our desire is to grow in Your grace and in Your power, to help many who are falling for the evil one's "tale"!


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