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26/07/2019 - THE GAZE THAT HARMS

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Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.  Psalm 119:37

God´s message is that we look at Him in order to be saved. However, if we pay attention to the devil´s offers, we will certainly be disconnected from the Lord. Therefore, our life will drown in the world´s tides. Now, when we look at the Son of God, our faith increases and we can face any evil. 

Like a magnet, many people feel attracted to temptations. Then, they face a great battle to rid themselves of the evils that afflict them. They struggle constantly, but their feelings look for such things to fill their hearts of lust. Those enslaved by sin need faith to be freed. 

The psalmist faced the same difficulties we have today. But because he overcame, the Lord had him write down his prayer that removed him from satanic prison, which currently binds millions of people in the works of the flesh. There is only one way to escape the enemy´s domain: praying to God. Then, with the faith that grants you victory, make a simple declaration from the Holy Scriptures on that issue. 

Vanity fascinates mankind. If we are not in Spirit, we will fulfill the desires of the flesh. If the Most High doesn´t remove it from our way, we will do the devil´s will. Therefore, in the heavenly Father´s prayer taught by Jesus, as He heeded the disciple’s request, He instructed us to ask for deliverance from all evil. 

When we are exposed to the Word we receive light, but vanity also gives “light” to those who play with it, but, in this case, the person is enslaved in darkness. They fall into the spirit of those that manipulate their time in order to observe the world and its madness, including the practices of the lost. These people are certainly entering the wide gate (Matthew 7:13). The believer must never waste one minute observing man´s sin on Earth. 

Only the Lord can keep our eyes away from vanity. Without His help we will never stop looking at the devil´s offers, and our life with be a constant and difficult struggle. Jesus´ invitation includes the promise of giving us escape from the wicked wiles. This way, the Most High will set our eyes on wonderful things. Halleluiah! 

The psalmist´s request was double, and so is ours. He knew he had to be vivified in the way of the Almighty. This happened the day Jesus defeated the devil and took the keys of Hades and of Death (Revelations 1:18). Now, when God answered the psalmist´s request, the Father vivified us with Christ (Ephesians 2:5). 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Today we can believe that this double request was fully answered and when we are born again, we receive power not to submit to the devil. Thus, with a simple prayer, we are forgiven and no longer look at evil. 

We no longer contemplate vanity. However, some saw what they shouldn’t and now find themselves in the clutches of the enemy, who deceived them. God, see if our soul is trapped. Lord, rescue us! 

We assume our vivification which was accomplished along with Jesus´. We are no longer lost in the clutches of the enemy. So, we praise the holy and mighty Name of Christ, because through Him we are free! 


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