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Now when Jesus had crossed over again by boat to the other side, a great multitude gathered to Him; and He was by the sea. Mark 5:21

The Savior felt that He should go to the territory of the Gadarenes, to deliver a man who was deeply oppressed by one of Satan´s greatest possessors. Completely out of himself, this tormented soul lived among the tombstones. He didn’t even wear clothes and was a threat to those who passed close by. Extremely strong, he would break the handcuffs and chains with which people tried to control him.  Nobody could reason with him. Wow!

However, as soon as the Lord set foot in that country, the evil possesses man rushed to meet Him and the devils began to negotiate.  Observing what happened next we see that Hell used a good strategy to confuse Jesus but as always there is nobody who can defeat the Truth that is Christ.  He then used His authority and delivered that man, because he had come to deliver those captive to Satan (Mark 5:1-14).

Those that are firm in the words of the Lord, even though without strength to be delivered from evil during temptation, will experience victory. Those that resist the devil will see him flee in fright; after all, nobody can prevail against Truth.  Those that know the Truth and make use of it are delivered from any and all oppression.  Therefore it is always better to be anchored firmly in the Word. 

After that deliverance and the strange decision of the witnesses of the occurrence ask that the Savior leave that place (v.17), He passed again to the other side of the sea, for there were other important things to do there.  Those who are inclined to carry out the divine project must be ready to be used as often as the Lord decides and never say that they are tired. 

Arriving on the other side, a great crowd joined the Master. Alas, if He had gone only to rest, He would have remained alone.  What do you expect from life?  Good moments to vent the desires of the flesh or to do what is good? We have only this time, which is very short, to learn more about our God and Father.  Therefore we cannot permit that the offers of the wide doors deceive and fool us (Matthew 7:13). Be watchful! The devil will always try to deceive you because he wants you in his clutches. 

There is a crowd waiting for you, and it is a present from the Almighty.  Your attention to each person will reward you forever in eternity.  Don’t listen to what the others say about you, especially on the internet, which has become a place of demons when in an irresponsible way, many lackeys of the devil divulge their greatest lies.  God is faithful!

On His return, the Lord stayed next to the sea.  Water is the symbol of the Word of God.  So remain where there is revelation of the Word, to learn from Him and be greatly and powerfully used. Don’t exchange the narrow door and the tight way for the wide door.  If you are in Christ and His words remain in you, all things will be possible!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God, our best Example! It is beautiful to see that Jesus did not argue with the Gadarenes, because He knew that You were in total control of everything.  We have to learn the following lesson: all things cooperate for the good of those that Love you and are called according to Your purpose.

No matter what are the situations; we want to obey You and so we ask You to help us. We cannot exchange Your good will for something from the devil, although it may seem good and profitable for that moment. Protect and guard us!

After being useful to You we will not take credit because all praise belongs to You. Take us to the other side, where there is more to be done. We must take advantage of the opportunities to sow Your seed. We will do what You desire!


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