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Even to your old age, I am He, And even to gray hairs I will carry you! I have made, and I will bear; Even I will carry, and will deliver you. Isaiah 46:4

The immutability of the Lord is unquestionable.  While politics, the climate, the season and everything else and the world institutions change too, the Most High continues to be the same, and will always be the same.  This gives us stability and firmness, for there will be no press reports saying that He has changed, and therefore, His mercies are no longer the same, and now we will all have to pay for them.  In Jesus there is total security!

In verse 3, the Lord says He has taken us in His arms and has brought us up to here.  For this reason, we can declare just like Samuel: Ebenezer, or, Thus far the Lord has helped us (1 Samuel 7:12).  The Father will continue to help us, care for us and lead us to the place prepared for us since the establishment of the world.  The rebels have lost now and will lose even more.  Furthermore, for not subjecting themselves to the Omnipotent in love, they will suffer condemnation.

Even in your old age, the Lord will be the same in his love and care.  In light of this truth, to carry on the course of life must be something pleasurable for the Christian, because he knows that the Creator is love, and will therefore never refuse to offer the best to His children.  There is no reason to fear getting old, which also has its advantages.  Besides, the Bible teaches us how to act in wisdom in the last days (Proverbs 19:20).

What a good word to have this assurance from the Most High!  When your hairs turn white and you lose your strength, you will continue firm and invested with authority to perform the heavenly orders, which are undoubtedly the best.  The Almighty will lead you to fulfill the best in faith in Christ. Rest in His eternal and powerful arms.

To leave no doubt, the Omnipotent affirms that it was He who made you and will take you.  This way you will not be led astray by the enemy, which, even though he tempts you in every way, he will not be successful in drawing you away from the Almighty’s hands.  The Christian is sealed for the Day of redemption, when he will be transformed with the same type of body of our Lord Jesus.  Certainly, your future will be much better than the present.  Do you believe this?

Repeating the divine promises for your life is as a comfort for you to assert yourself in them. Knowing this, even though the devil tries hard, with all his power of subtle deception, you will never be distracted or removed from your main target – reaching for the Heavens, your eternal home.  Nobody will find excuses for not having trusted completely in Whom never lied or regretted having loved you until the end.  Understand that your faith will take you to victory.

What else do you need, if God will keep you forever?  If He promises to always be with you, why would you want to abbreviate this life?  Jesus warned: Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation (Matthew 26:41).  Then the day will come when you will thank the Father for never having abandoned you, even though you deserved to be.

In Christ, with love

R. R. Soares 

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Unchanging God!  How comforting it is to know we will not be abandoned by Your power. Even if everything in this world changes, You promise to keep us and take us to the place You prepared for us. 

This assurance is very good for us, therefore, we will never let doubt take over our heart. Our faith in You moves us to love You more and to trust in Your promises, because You are unchangeable in everything You say and promise. Thank you!

You made us Your sons.  Therefore we will not bow before the lies of the enemy or subject ourselves to his whims.  Our rights will be served and fulfilled by the zeal You have for Your Name and for the Truth. We love you!


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