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You are the God who does wonders; You have declared Your strength among the peoples.  Psalm 77.14

Jesus sent His disciples to preach the Gospel in Jerusalem, Judea, and the ends of the earth, so that people would have a testimony to the Truth, and people would understand Who He is, what He has done for mankind, and what He will do for those who listen to His teachings (Acts 1.8). We are instruments through which the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself with power and glory. Then everyone will learn the Truth as it is: life!

God is always present and ready to act in the lives of those who believe in His promises. The psalmist affirms that the Lord is the One who works wonders. He is not far from those suffering and is able to deliver those who are in trouble, pain, and any other suffering. If we put the power that He has given us into action, people will see Jesus’ deeds being worked in them and in theirs (John 14.12).

The fact that God is the One to work wonders means that there is no other who heals the sick, delivers the lost, and saves sinners (Luke 7.18-22). He fulfills the words of His servants, who, under His guidance, go everywhere to minister to the suffering the Word that saves and heals. He is an expert at performing wonders that man never dreamed possible, and He does it all so that people will be delivered from the kingdom of death!

In each generation, God has shown His strength, so that people will not be lost. After all, after death, there will be no opportunity for anyone to redeem themselves from their sins. As people watch the Lord in action, delivering the possessed and recovering criminals, they will see that there were two forces at work there: good and evil. With Him, the oppressed will be free, because Jesus has already dethroned the devil (Colossians 2.15).

This is the message that everyone needs to hear. Learning that they can be delivered from evil, they will undoubtedly go to the One who invited them, since they were weary and oppressed (Matthew 11.28-30). In previous generations, the Most High made known His power in the world. In our time, by His Name, He also desires to act with the same notoriety. It’s up to us to bring Him on the scene, by believing in His Word.

After Jesus returned to Heaven, His first apostles began to carry out His will by proclaiming the Good News. Would we be foolish to try to do anything else today, if one day we will answer for not obeying His commands? No. With the same faith and courage, we will go into the nations and proclaim the message preached by Christ, just as His true disciples did.

Why deny the people of our time the chance to know the Lord, when we have His power and His anointing covering us? Those who have gone before us have done in the Name of Christ that which He did. Today, the healing of the corrupt society, troubled by the most various follies, is in the power of the Name of Jesus. We can act quickly, so that many may be saved.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of notorious operations! It is gratifying to go out into the world, speaking and showing Your power. People rejoice and act like the people in Jesus' day, and the best part is that the same wonders are performed by You!

Give us wisdom to show the lost that suffering can end. The demonstration of Your power in our faith meetings causes all to turn to You, opening their hearts. In this way, they are blessed!

There is no other God but You. Those who call themselves gods are pure invention of the wicked. Demons love to be mistaken for gods, but when You manifest Yourself, they are put to shame and cast out. Father, come and work wonders among us!


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