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He raises the poor from the dust And lifts the beggar from the ash heap, To set them among princes And make them inherit the throne of glory. “For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, And He has set the world upon them. 1 Samuel 2.8

In her song, Ana talks about what happened to her, a poor and sterile woman, people weren’t fond of her. For her, it was the Lord who put her on her feet, to the point of being used by Him. She was raised from the dust. Is that your case? What kind of person will you be? The one enriched with all kinds of blessings, or the impoverished? You can be humiliated to the point of depending on public charity, or you can be exalted and applauded.

Do not toy with the divine will. On judgment day, the books will be opened, and no one will be able to explain why they did not obey! Ana claimed to have been taken from the dunghill, or manure, where she sat. Many people feel like garbage, because nothing seems to work out in their life. However, when we hear and understand the Word of God, we are transported to a prominent position, and only He can do that!

As she needed the Lord’s help, because the man could do nothing for her, Ana considered herself exalted. Her pain of not being able to have children was so great that she did not understand the situation. Those who are in need today, even without being able to see how they will be exalted, must approach the Father, because only He is exalted and can exalt them. God is our true Friend!

She was discriminated, humiliated, but when she understood how to pray, the Lord helped her and, with that, she gained the right to sit among the princes of God on earth. Who wouldn’t thank Ana for having fought with God to the point of being the mother of the prophet Samuel? I imagine that, at the ceremonies, she even stood out with the Israeli authorities. The Lord will do the same for you, if you just believe!

The declaration of this servant of God is very important and is intended for everyone who is humbled and seeks the Lord, who will make him inherit the throne of glory, supplying his need. Do not let the enemy enter your life. When you believe in Jesus, in the spirit world, you will be considered a member of the Body of Christ. Your future will be beautiful in Heaven.

Ana continued to be used in declaring that the Lord is the foundation of the Earth. There is no foundation on which the spiritual and the physical world are built, except our Lord. He wants to reveal, by His Word, a basis for those who believe in Him. Thus, that individual will never be confused. Furthermore, when determining the blessing, he will be able to believe, and it will be done to him. Let God use you for His glory.

In the end, Ana declared that the Lord built the world on the revealed structures. Rest, then, on the Word, for all things are established in the Almighty.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! You used Ana, a simple servant of Yours, to give us revelations, which impress us and make us calm and confident! Now, we have this certainty: everything will go well, because Your foundations are firm!

Our faith in You gives us the assurance that things will never get out of control nor the enemy will oppress us. Using the Name of Jesus, we will give our order and see the work done. You are fantastic, our true Father!

We are grateful that you have seated in Christ. Thus, no harm will come to us and no dart of the evil one will hit us. We are a closed garden and your people are exclusively owned. Use us, Father!


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